1944 Kubelwagen Type 82

1944 Type 82 Kubelwagen, World War II History, KdF Engine!

This lovable Kubelwagen has spent the last 2 to 3 decades in the hands of some of the most legendary Vintage Volkswagen collectors in history.  We have records from Volkswagen's archive confirming this car was produced on May 5, 1944 and was delivered to the city of Tabor in the Southern Bohemian region of Czechoslovakia during World War II. 
Some of the critical features to note include:

* Correct Kubelwagen chassis
* Proper KdF era engine with cog logoed case, parts, rare Kubelwagen air cleaner and Kubelwagen exhaust
* Correct full crash box reduction box Kubelwagen transaxle
* Correct mechanical/cable brakes
* Working boxed ribbed semaphores mounted on windshield posts
* Proper 16 inch wheels with an older set of Engelbrecht military style knobby tires
* Original front and rear skid plates
* Original front and rear bumper bars
* Original hand crank and early jack
* Shovels, Jerry cans, and spare wheel
* Correct Kubelwagen steering wheel with the grooves going around the rim
* Luftwaffe license plates, Luftwaffe logos, and German "Fighter Squadron" logos
* Reproduction German "Potato Masher" grenades, made of wood
* Original Kubelwagen keg style gas tank
The more you look, the more you notice!  This one has a ton of cool factor.

The body is in fair condition with the wear you'd expect to see on a 74 year old Wermacht vehicle that saw service during World War II.  It has dents, dings, worn paint, but it looks far too cool to touch, so it has remained as it is, as the appeal is undeniable.  The top material is very old, ratty, crunchy, and therefore the top has not been up for at least 20 years, if not much longer.

The interior is utilitarian and has a look very consistent with the patina of the whole car.  Other details to note include the Kubelwagen dash cluster, the wood slat floor board runners, the original cog logo mushroom shift knob, and the early small roller pedal assembly, too.

Mechanically the Kubel is currently running and driving.  The engine is a generationally appropriate KdF era 25hp that features a cog logoed fuel pump, cog logoed carburetor, K intake manifold, early acorn oil filler, rare original Kubel air filter, original Kubelwagen exhaust system, 343 distributor with the finger style cap, early generator with the vented band, early pulleys, early tin, the list of early parts goes on.  It was recently revived and serviced after standing on display in a huge private collection for many years.  I can text videos of the car starting, idling, revving, running, driving down the road, and the semaphores working to seriously interested parties.

Here's your chance to get a historically significant relic from Volkswagen's earliest days of military service vehicles.  Not only does it have an awesome patina but it also has proper running gear unlike most Kubels you'll see.  This one is not to be missed.  Thanks!


Please note that this 1944 is located in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

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