1946 Volkswagen Beetle!

1946 Beetle, Genuine, CCG Delivered, 3 Owner's, Matching Body, Pan, Rare Car!

Holy Grail Garage is proud to offer this true slice of Volkswagen history in this authentic 1946 Beetle.  1946 marked the first official full year of production as the newly formed "Volkswagen" car with the mega rare earlier examples being of KdF production.  This specimen has been verified via its Birth Certificate and has been off the road since President Gerald Ford was in office!  It has a long list of exciting correct features and details that are often long gone on these earliest examples.

Some of those features include:

*Manufacture date of October 15, 1946
*Delivered to CCG on November 14, 1946
*3 owners from new
*Clear New Hampshire title
*Body and pan are original as confirmed by Birth Certificate from Volkswagen, round jack hole pan
*Beam and full crashbox transaxle are matching and original cable brakes are intact
*1946 engine is 100% complete and correct, not the original but correct for the build date
*3 of 4 fenders original to car, right rear is replacement
*Quality reproduction running boards from Virtanen
*Very nice reproduction front apron and spare tire well from Wolfe Parts, not welded in
*Original crank hole rear apron
*Original and rare 5 knuckle doors and door glass
*Original hood with L handle
*Original KdF stamped license W decklid with L handle
*Original 8 gallon gas tank with original gas cap and petcock
*Correct headlights from 1946, double eyebrow lenses
*Correct and original tail light housings, nice reproduction bulb holders/lenses
*Original early riveted pope's nose, missing brake light lens
*Quality reproduction banana bumpers and over riders, original bumper brackets
*Original bakelite swirl horn
*Original door handles inside and out including window cranks and escutcheons
*Original seats front and rear
*Reproduction transmission inspection cover
*Original large switch pod and speedo with original Huf ignition key, unhacked logoed dash
*5 original early 16 inch wheels
*4 original nipple VW logo hubcaps
*Original pedals and pedal pads
*Original bakelite dimpled KdF shift knob
*Original football mirror and stem
*Original quarter windows
*Correct original ribbed semaphores, pre 1949 left and right specific
*Replacement windshield and one rear window

The body is far better than the typical condition for a nearly 70 year old Beetle as most this age are merely the DNA remains of what they once were.  This one has its fair share of bonks, dings, wobbles, small tears in fenders, etc., but is largely intact with the vast majority of its original components.  The black paint is a worn amateur job from many decades ago but has a cool patina appearance very suitable for a ratty driver.  There are some areas with rust which include the passenger's door bottom, the rear luggage shelf, the gas tank pedestal, and the rear heater channels towards the torsion tube.  None of it is what I'd consider catastrophic and quite honestly, here in California, most of it could be ignored and the car could be enjoyed much the way it is.  The battery tray is even solid!  A peek underneath shows some surface rusting but an original matching numbers pan that is way above average for a Beetle of this vintage.

The interior includes the correct original seats, original early grooved 3 spoke steering wheel and bakelite horn button, stamped VW logoed dash with original early metal glove boxes, bakelite rear dome light, early choke, heater knob, and chassis number locations, and the early offset reserve lever position, just to name a few.  It will need the door interior panels, floor mats, and the bits of carpeting, too. 

Mechanically the car is a project, hasn't run in decades, will require a comprehensive revival, and is largely complete and correct throughout.  It features a thoroughly correct but not the original-to-the-car 1946 engine, the correct original full crashbox transaxle, original front beam, original cable mechanical braking system, and a set of 5 early 16 inch wheels, too.  The engine spins, the car rolls cleanly, and the front and rear wiring harness sections will need attention as they are crunchy and showing their nearly 70 years of age.

Overall this is truly a monster of a collectible Volkswagen that could very easily go in the direction of a ratty driver or would be a great base for an eventual complete restoration.  The ratty route would be doing some light welding, mechanical awakening, and cruise the car much the way it is.  If restoration is more your style, this would certainly produce a quality and largely original German metaled car that is not only accurate but mostly the intact original unit rather than a Frankenstein cobbled from mostly replacement sections and bits from dozens of parted out cars.  Either way, it's a rare opportunity to get such an early example as they don't surface often!  Thanks!


Please visit my website at to see the full album of pics of this 1946, more interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, Holy Grail Garage Gear, and Parts for sale.  Additional pics will be available to seriously interested buyers.

Please note that the car is located in Southern California.
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