1951 Karmann Kabriolett!

1951 Split Karmann Kabriolett, Excellent Project, Fantasy Collection Of NOS Parts!

Here is an extremely complete, very viable, and super special Split Convertible with a great known history.  This crotch coolered 1951 was originally delivered to the famous Max Hoffman dealership in New York in 1951.  The car has been confirmed as an original Hoffman delivery and the original color scheme was Black with Ivory sides and a Red interior.  In 1977 it was donated to the Western Reserve Historical Society by a Volkswagen dealer in Ohio and later made its way to the hands of the late Steve Woods of Washington who was one of the most legendary Vintage Volkswagen collectors of all time.  Over the years a tremendous collection of NOS, mint, and excellent quality original parts have been gathered for the eventual restoration of this special early Kabriolett.  Quite simply, the collection of parts is staggering and would be a monumental and incredibly expensive task to accumulate today.  Many of the items are the type of items that might not show up on the market for many years at a time, if ever.  Without question, this 1951 has the potential to be one of the most remarkable Split Kabrioletts in existence.

The car will require a complete restoration, the body is currently mocked up for the photos, the huge collection of parts have been laid out to give you an idea of how very complete the car is, the generally good overall condition the body is in for an unrestored early Kabriolett, and to show the super high quality of the parts that come with it.  The body is currently in two pieces as the heater channels were needing replacement and it was easier to store for all these years that way.

The staggering list of NOS, mint, reconditioned, and other original parts includes, in 9 separate categories:

  Engine Parts, GROUP 1

-NOS 25hp Heads, Bare
-NOS 36hp Case, No Numbers Stamped
-NOS Oil Filler Tab
-T Air Cleaner, Needs Paint
-Used Dome Top Oil Cooler
-NOS Crankshaft
-NOS German 25hp Pistons and Cylinders
-NOS Bosch “D” Regulator
-NOS (or rebuilt) Bosch 383 Distributor
-Original Star Coil
-NOS Pushrod Tubes
-NOS Pushrods
-4 X Exhaust Valves NOS 111 109 601
-Used Acorn Oil Filler
-8 X NOS 25hp Cylinder Head Nuts
-NOS Small Belt Crank Pully
-NOS Continental Fan Belt
-NOS Main Bearings 111 198 451
-2 X NOS Connecting Rods
-10/57 Oil Pressure Sender

-2 X NOS Valve Covers
-Front and Rear Tins, Nice Used
-25hp Cylinder Head Tins, Used, (Blasted)
-”X” Tin (Between Heater Boxes), Reproduction
-NOS 25hp Fuel Pump Dish 
-Seamed Fan Shroud, Used (Blasted)
-NOS Behind Crank Pully Tin

Fuel Tank, Exhaust, Heater, GROUP 2

-1 ZAR Plate, Good Used Original
-NOS 8mm Fuel Tap
-3 X Used Fuel Taps
-NOS Heater Cable
-NOS Chrome Tailpipe And Clamp
-NOS Heater Knob/ White
-NOS Choke Cable /White Knob
-NOS Round Aluminum Carpet Rings
-Heater Boxes, Good Used Originals
-NOS Reserve Tap Handle
-NOS 2 X Exhaust Clamps 
-NOS Fuel Pump Base
-NOS 3 X Carb Half Gaskets
-26VFIS Carburetor Used, Nice (Rebuilt?)
-8mm Smooth Top Fuel Pump (Rebuilt?)
-NOS Fuel Line, Pump To Carb 8mm, with NOS Fittings
-Used Original Gas Tank
-Used 100mm Gas Cap, Steel

Transaxle,  GROUP 3

-1 Original Transmission, Side Filler, Full Crashbox, Rebuilt- Stub Axle To Stub Axle. Looks NOS.

Front Axle And Steering, GROUP 4

-Used Steering Shaft and Batwing Wheel
-1 Restored Batwing Wheel and Correct Flat Button
-Trailing Arms, Powder Coated
-Original Front Beam, Used (With Springs)
-NOS Short Front Shocks 111 513 031a
-NOS Steering Column Bushing 111 415 581a
-NOS Kingpin Kit
-Box of Misc NOS Front End Parts
-NOS Shocks (rear?) 111413 031a
-NOS Rear Shock Mounting Brackets
-Used Steering Column and Bracket
-2 X Front Drums, Used
-Steering Box, Apart, Needs Rebuilding

Rear Axle, GROUP 5

-Spring Plates, Used
-Shock Mounts
-Spring Plate Covers, 4 X
-NOS Spring Plate Bushings 4X 

Rear Wheels and ,Brakes GROUP 6

-5 X Original 16” Wheels, Painted Black and Ivory
-4 XBig Logo Hubcaps
-NOS Ebrake Cables 
-NOS Brake Cylinders, 2 X16mm, 2 X19mm, 4-Bolt
-Steel Brake Reservoir and Cap , NOS?
-NOS Screen Nut for Master Cylinder

Frame, GROUP 7

-White Dimple Shift Knob
-4 X Good Used Bumper Brackets
-1 X NOS Bumper Bracket
-NOS Front and Rear Grooved Bumpers with Guards (Need New Chrome)
-Used Door Latches and Rods
-Original Shift Rod
-Box of Black Oxide Nuts and Bolts
-Used Pair Outer Door Handles and Keys (Correct Early Handles)
-NOS Cable Boot 111 701 293a
-NOS Shift Cover Seal 

Body, GROUP 8

-2 X Good Used Polished Dash Trim
-2 X Good Used Glove Box Doors with Trim
-2 X NOS Glove Box Locks and Keys (Keyed Alike)
-2 X NOS Glove Boxes, Cardboard
-NOS Door Window Scrapers
-NOS Convertible Semaphore Boxes
-NOS Door Check Straps and Rubbers
-NOS 3 Tab Solid Split Hood Emblem and Washers
-NOS Ivory Door Handle Escutcheons
-NOS Hood Crest
-NOS Ivory Window Crank Knobs
-4 X Rechromed Window Cranks
-4 X Rechromed Inside Door Handles
-NOS 2 X Horn Rings (Round, Fender)
-NOS 2 X Door Latch Mechanisms
-NOS 2 X Door Strikers
-Used Front Hood Locking Mechanism (No Key)
-NOS Ivory Round Ashtray
-NOS Aluminum Window Seal Trim Ends
-Used “Jute” Sound Pad from Rear and Template
-Rear Window in Wooden Frame (Reproduction?, NOS?)
-Used Front Hood Latch and Handle
-”X” Cover Plate for Transmission Service
-NOS Semaphore Box Seal
-NOS Glass to Frame Seal
-NOS Body Seal
-NOS Rear Quarter Glass Seals
-Used Pair Luggage Strips
-Pair Used Rear Quarter Glass in Frames
-Pair Used Front Door Glass in Frames
-2 X Front Window Regulators
-2 X Rear Window Regulators
-Original VIN Tag and “Made In West Germany” Tag
-Bag of NOS Trim Clips
-Bag of 25 X NOS Trim Plugs, n 013 407 1
-Used Dash Pull Out Ashtray, Ivory Knob
-Rear View Mirror/Visor, Needs Restoring
-NOS Big Decklid Spring
-NOS L-Handle with Keys and Latch
-4 X NOS Crotch Cooler Springs
-2 X Used Window Channels
-Original Interior Panels (Red Leather)
-Original Front Seats (Red Leather)
-Top of Original Rear Seat (Red Leather) Missing Bottom of Rear
-Front ½ of Body, Original, Nice Uncut Original Black Paint Dash
-Rear ½ of Body
-Original Pan
-NOS Replacement Split Pan
-2 X Original Doors, in Primer
-Split Convertible Decklid, in Primer
-Front Hood, in Primer
-2 X New Running Boards
-3 X German Fenders, 1 X Rear Modified, All Needing Minor Work
-Convertible Top, Complete with Original Top and Headliner Present, Latches and Catches, too
-NOS Right Front Quarter Panel, with NOS Crotch Cooler
-NOS Left Front Quarter Panel
-NOS Right Rear Quarter Panel
-NOS Running Board Trim
-NOS Body Aluminum Trim
-Used Chrome Trim Strips for Top
-NOS Front Firewall

Electrical, GROUP 9

-NOS Speedo, Ivory Pod and Keys
-2 X Rebuilt Semaphores
-2 X NOS Taillights, Housings, Bulbholders, and Seals
-NOS Pope's Nose, Housing, Bulbholder, Gasket, and Lens
-NOS Ivory Starter Button
-NOS Ivory Semaphore Switch
-NOS Chrome Wipers, Shafts and Aluminum Bases, Round Shaft
-Used Round Dimmer Switch
-NOS Domelight (Door) Switches and Screws
-New Correct Wire Harness
-Original Wire Harness
-Used Clock and Bakelight
-Used 130a Generator, Backing, and Fan
-2 X Used Correct European Symmetrically Fluted Headlights
-Used Dome Light Ring, NOS Lens, and 3 NOS Rivets
-1 Used Speedo
-NOS Small Fuse Block, Metal Knob
-NOS Small Fuse Block Cover Only, Plastic Knob
-NOS Dash Pod Mounting Hardware
-NOS Wiper Grommets, Shafts
-2 X Battery Clips and NOS Springs
-NOS Horn Ground/ (Steering Shaft)
-NOS Larger Fuse Block

As you can see, the parts inventory is tremendous, world class, and the potential for a first rate restoration is absolute.  This is truly an opportunity to land such a special package.  Thanks!


Please note that this 1951 is located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and the full album of pics can be seen on my website 

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