SOLD!  1951 Split Beetle, Ratty Driver!

1951 Split Beetle, Crotch Coolers, Ratty Driver!

OK, so if you're a real anal retentive purist looking for NOS German compressed air to inflate the tires on your trailer queen, this isn't likely going to be a Split for you.  However, if you're the kind of enthusiast who would enjoy a ratty 59 year old Beetle that you can daily drive, park outside, walk away from for several hours, and return to find that it wasn't stolen or raped when you turned your back, then this 1951 crotch coolered Split could certainly bring you some low-buck fun. 

This Beetle was a well-known and regular fixture in the North Eastern vintage VW scene until approximately 5 years ago when the current owner purchased it and he has enjoyed it sparingly in that time.  Some of the many features include crotch coolers, split taillights, ribbed doors, rare early fuel reserve extension, batwing steering wheel, popes nosed W decklid, original chassis, full crash box transaxle, and the 10 slat roof rack and a 1951 25hp engine case are also included!

The body is ratty with bonks, dings, dirty flat black paint/primer, a later front fender on the driver's side, and I believe both rear fenders were replaced years ago as well.  There is some wrinkling on the driver's fender well from an accident years ago.  A previous owner welded conduit tubing on the outer edges of the fenders, don't know why.  The pan halves were replaced a number of years back as the pan was rusted away when the car was discovered years earlier.  A later set of smooth semaphores are on it now and one has a cracked lens.  As you can see it is ratty but has a certain cool "bomber" appeal to it at the same time.

The interior including the seats and door panels are from a early Oval Window Beetle circa 1953-1955.  They are in ratty original upholstery which would likely clean up with a little effort.  The headliner is missing and the rear carpet in the luggage compartment could possibly be original, not sure.  The batwing steering wheel is present along with the early smooth horn button.  The early dual glove box dash is decent and there is a early under dash parcel shelf, too.

Mechanically this 1951 features the previously mentioned original chassis with replaced pan halves, stock beam, full crashbox transaxle, and a running 36hp engine that obviously leaks oil.  It has been driven all over the North East like this but a new owner would likely want to fix the leaks unless they'd prefer to keep a case of oil in the rear seat and try and keep up with what leaks out.  The electrical system is still 6 volt as well.  The tires are meaty radials mounted on wider than stock 15 inch vented wheels.  Due to the fact that the car hasn't been in consistent use I'd suggest that you expect to do some regular service on it in the near future such as brake work, tuning, etc.  The car starts, runs, drives, and stops currently but will benefit from some care to get it up to snuff.

Overall this is a very cool cruiser of a 1951 Split that would be great to bomb around in and enjoy pretty much as it is.  Just like that cheap hooker on the corner, you can have a lot of fun with it for about 1/3rd to 1/4th the price of the prettier ones.  After a couple beers, if you squint real hard, you'll think you're banging the prom queen.  Thanks!


Please note this Split is located in the North Eastern United States.

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