SOLD!  1951 Split Sunroof with Crotch Coolers, Genuine 11G!

1951 Split Sunroof with Crotch Coolers, Real 11G!

Here we have a genuine "11G" coded Split Ragtop in the beautiful original color of Reseda Green.  Many collectors consider a Split Ragtop with crotch coolers to be one of the most desirable and collectible models of Beetles.  They are a rare bird in that the crotch cooler Splits were only produced during parts of 1951 and 1952.  Genuine 11G Splits with the factory 3 fold sunroof are few and far between these days as well.

This particular car was refreshed back in the 1980's with a repaint and a mechanical revival as well.  The work was performed by Bill Dierickx and his guys at Wolfsburg Warehouse.  They cherry picked their extensive NOS parts inventory and this car received a load of those parts including the majority of a NOS 36hp engine that has been dressed with earlier 25hp parts so it looks the part and has a bit more pep and driveability on modern roads.  Additionally it was serviced with loads more NOS parts in the front end, transaxle, and even the steering box is a NOS Split Beetle unit!

Some of the many cool features of this Split include original accessory glove box doors, grooved bumpers, grooved trim, 16 inch wheels, ribbed semaphores, pope's nose engine lid and light, correct Split taillights, proper light tan cloth interior, ribbed doors, batwing steering wheel, early single tip muffler, bias ply wide white wall tires, and much more.

This is a very nice and rock solid real mccoy that has spent the better part of the last 25-30 years as a star in some of the most incredible Vintage VW collections in North America.  Thanks!


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