1951 Standard Microbus!

1951 Barndoor Standard Microbus, Mostly Original "Delivered In Primer" Paint, Very Complete, Very Rare!

This August 1951 passenger Bus started life in Sweden and was originally owned by the Swedish Forestry Service.  Years later it was used as a church shuttle Bus, bringing the elderly to and from services, and it was eventually parked in a garage, and has remained undriven, since 1979! 

This is an incredibly cool and very early Bus with a neat history, most of the hard-to-find parts, not much rust at all for such an early example, and it's one of the earliest Left Hand Drive/Left Side Cargo Door Buses still existing today.  Without a doubt it could be peeled back to show the rest of the factory primer finish, welded and blended as necessary, have a mechanical revival, and the end result will be a significant and remarkable Bus.

Some of the many features to note include:

* Piano Hinge Vent Wing Windows
* Pre Rear Bumper
* Single Reflector, has the mega rare original Hella RT150 still with it!
* Original Wool Headliner!
* Original Rear Luggage Shelf Partition!
* All Original Seats, original-to-the-Bus!
* Original Interior Panels, original-to-the-Bus!
* All Original Glass
* Original Full Crashbox/Side Filler Transaxle
* Excellent Original Early Barndoor Front Floor Mat
* Original Big Sliver Headlight Assemblies, both are for the right side however
* Original Swedish License Plates with the Chassis Number Stamped in them!
* Original Paint inside the cab
* Barndoor Single Filament Taillights with reproduction 1950-1951 lenses

The body is in impressively "good" condition for being 65 years old.  Finding a Barndoor of this age with so little bodywork and welding needs is a very very tough task these days, especially for a Standard Microbus with most of the original paint intact, such as this!  The rockers, lower cargo doors, jack points, and a section behind the rearward cargo door, as well as the rearward cargo door, will need some attention, welding, and blending to match.  The front floor is pretty incredible for its age as well as the battery tray which is solid.  Just take a moment to contemplate how many 65 year old Barndoors out there can make the same claim and still have their original front floors and battery trays intact!  Other details to note include the original Barndoor front nose emblem and the original exterior door handles including the cargo door handle and decklid T handle, too.

The interior is pretty incredible, vastly original, and far more complete than most early Barndoor passenger Buses have.  Original headliner, interior panels (fronts are covered in some plush wooly material) , super rare original rear luggage compartment pull-down divider, original paint inside the cab, original dash grab handle, both fuse box covers, correct early Barndoor steering wheel, incredibly nice original front floor mat, correct early foot rest bar, original mushroom shifter knob, early heater knob, the list goes on!

Mechanically the Bus will require a thorough going through and revival, it has no engine, and has been off the road for the last 37 years since 1979.  The transaxle is the correct full crash box/fully non-synchronized/side filler unit, the wheels are Beetle 15 inch smoothies, and the Bus would have originally had a 25hp engine, but no engine is included.  The wiring will also require some attention.

As for parts that are included, if it's on the Bus in the pics, and shown in the additional parts pics, that is what is included.  Not much is missing, especially considering how most early Barndoors look after so many decades of life!

Overall this is a great opportunity to step the "top of the food chain" with a very special and interesting early Barndoor Bus with a lot more substance and claims to fame than most we are able to lay our hands on these days.  Thanks!


Please note that this 1951 is located in Rhode Island.

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