1952 Split Beetle

1952 Split Beetle, Crotch Coolers, L73 Chestnut Brown, Very Clean and Matching Numbers!
Here is an exceptionally clean, very correct, incredibly solid, and matching numbers Split Window Beetle with the Birth Certificate from Volkswagen to support it. This Split was produced on May 20th, 1952, and was originally delivered to Sweden. It later made its way to the hands of an avid collector in Denmark and eventually to an advanced collector in Canada who has owned it for approximately the last 15 years.
The body is in exceptional condition, way above average, very solid, and retains many more original details than most Split Beetles you will find these days. The exterior was resprayed many years ago in the original color of L73 Chestnut Brown and it still displays very nicely today. There are some minor flaws around but the car is still very strong and beautiful. Details to note include correct Split taillights on original dimpled rear fenders, ribbed semaphores, original crotch cooler vents, ribbed trim, Pope's nose decklid, L decklid handle, aluminum hood handle, round front horn grills, symmetrically fluted European headlights, one-piece door glass, grooved bumpers with correct guards, all 5 matching date and original-to-the-car 16 inch Kronprinz riveted wheels, round shaft wipers, the list goes on! The floor pans are original, never patched, rock solid, and the underside was undercoated early on as well. A peek beneath the floor mats shows beautiful and rock solid floors with the original black paint vastly intact.
The interior is the highlight and is perfect testimony to how well this 1952 has been treated during its 62 years of life. It is as original as they come with the wool headliner, door panels, seat upholstery, paint, and German square weave carpeting all being original. The carpet mats have been replaced years ago. The dash is beautiful, extremely clean, and as original as you will find. There are some small holes from many years ago but they are like a pimple on a supermodel, truly insignificant. Other details to note include the European locking steering column/ignition, beautiful original batwing steering wheel, clock, original ZAR plate, round heater vent trims, original Split battery cover, excellent original luggage rails, and so much more. I can't recall seeing a nicer original Split interior than this in many years.
Mechanically this 1952 is very stock and features the original-to-the-car 25hp engine, full crashbox transaxle, 6 volt electrical system, and the original ribbed semaphores work and flash as was required by Danish law years ago. The engine was rebuilt and utilizes a set of new 36hp pistons with machined cylinders, completely rebuilt 25hp heads, all new bearings, NOS pushrods, rebuilt 26mm carb, rebuilt fuel pump, and much more. Great care was taken to retain many original details and include many of the original parts that are often missing, updated, discarded, or overlooked. Other details to note include correct 16 inch wheels with bias ply tires, 383 distributor, D regulator, acorn oil filler, round tube carb support, flat top fuel pump, T can air filter, and the single tip muffler, too. This car runs and drives beautifully.
Overall this is a truly exceptional Split Beetle that is far superior to most you will find these days. It retains many original details that most have lost by this time including the original interior, matching numbers original engine, and the incredibly solid original floor pan just to name a few. If you're considering investing in a Split Beetle and aren't certain which one to pursue, let me help you, you're looking at "the one"! The accessory D Plate is not included in the sale. As always, please contact for additional details and information. Thanks!
Please note that this beautiful 1952 is located in QUEBEC, CANADA.
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