SOLD!  1953 Barndoor Smooth Gate Single Cab, Rare and Nice!

1953 Barndoor Smooth Gate Single Cab, Nice!  LOCATED IN JAPAN!

Here is one of the nicest of the very small handful of Smooth Gate Barndoor Single Cabs still existing in the World today.  There are somewhere in the ballpark of 15 of these still remaining and the vast majority of those examples have quite simply had their asses kicked into the ground for the last roughly 60 years.  This beautiful 1953 is positively in the top few.  The Truck was imported to Japan many years ago after being purchased from the famous Richard Hart Barndoor collection during the 1980's.  This is a very rare opportunity to get a very special and very nice super early Single Cab!

Some of the many cool features include the smooth side gates that came on 1952 and early 1953 Single Cabs, hoops and canvas canopy, very straight and exceptionally dry body, superb bed, treasure chest, and floors, nice running 36hp engine, incredibly nice original upholstery Barndoor front seat, proper "upside down" speedometer, 16 inch wheels with bias ply tires, bubble taillights (slightly newer late 1953-1955 on it now), brakelight decklid, pressed bumpers, semaphores, dual fuse box dash, the list goes on! 

The body is in really great shape for such a early Single Cab.  It was repainted in a OK quality respray of the original color of Dove Blue back in the 1980's and has been used sparingly since that time.  It is exceptionally straight and incredibly dry.  There is a bit of rust on the passenger's lower front nose that can easily be seen in the pics.  The floor, truck bed, gates, doglegs, rockers, and treasure chest floor are all super impressive.  This Truck landed in the hands of a very serious enthusiast roughly 30 years ago and has been very well cared for since.  The doors, bumpers (the rear was optional equipment this early and was added years ago by a previous owner), early brakelight decklid, belly door, and crank start apron are all correct for this Truck.  The wheels and bumpers could stand to be repainted in the correct Silver White for the wheels and Dove Blue and Silver White for the bumpers.  I think it would look extremely nice and proper with those little details corrected.

The interior is impressive as well with a super nice original upholstery front seat, proper dual fuse box speedo pod, "upside down" speedometer, foot rest bar, dash grab handle, ratty but original Barndoor floor mat, early pressed board paneling that have been painted over, correct 3 spoke Barndoor steering wheel, and a early H logoed heater knob.  The steering column, shifter, and ebrake could stand to be repainted the correct black but that's easy enough to correct.  Overall very tidy and all the critical pieces are present.

Mechanically this Smooth Gate is a good runner and driver with a non-original 1192cc 36hp engine, original Barndoor split case reduction box transaxle, and original 6 volt electrical system.  It has original style bias ply tires mounted on original Barndoor 16 inch wheels and topped with grey commercial hubcaps. 

There are a few little details that could be corrected and improved upon on this Truck to make it a hair more accurate towards the way it left the factory but all of the really critical areas are way above the norm.  Smooth Gates are truly the Holy Grail in the Single Cab world.  This is your chance to own and enjoy one of the nicest ones you could ever find!  Thanks!


Please note that this Single Cab is located in the country of JAPAN!
We guesstimate that shipping from Yokohama, Japan to Los Angeles, California would cost roughly $1450 for Roll on/Roll Off service ($350 custom clearance fee) and $3000-4000 for a enclosed container service. 

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