SOLD!  1953 Barndoor Kombi with Rare Rear Hatch, Patina, Super Cool Driver!

1953 Barndoor Kombi, Rare Optional Rear Hatch, Patina Driver!

Here is a very cool Barndoor Kombi with a factory optioned rear hatch, one of just a small handful of rear hatch Barndoors known to exist in the World today.  This Bus has just undergone an extensive mechanical rebuild and is now fully turnkey and runs and drives beautifully.  As you can see, the Bus has a very cool faded Dove Blue patina look to it and is definitely one you could cruise proudly.

Some of the many features include a freshly rebuilt and detailed 36hp Engine from the famous George Schmidt of the Butcher Shop in South El Monte, California, freshly gone over stock 1957 splitcase transaxle with rebuilt Barndoor reduction boxes, rebuilt and detailed Barndoor front beam, 5 new Firestone bias ply tires on Barndoor 16 inch wheels, all new brakes including many NOS components, bubble taillights, ratty but working semaphores, 1957 Kombi flat backrest middle and rear seats, and much more!

The body still displays a good amount of original Dove Blue paint with many large areas having been blended and patina matched to keep a consistent appearance.  A good deal of welding has been done as well to get the Bus to the solid state it is currently in with the cargo floor, outriggers, jack points, rockers, doglegs, lower cargo doors, and a previously cut hole in the rear of the roof all having been repaired.  The repairs are fair and functional but could eventually be touched up a bit to a higher standard depending upon your personal taste.  The undercarriage was also cleaned and painted with POR-15 rust inhibitive/preventative paint so it looks very nice down below now as you can see.  The front doors are post Barndoor doors that had the proper small handle indents welded in place to make them like proper Barndoor doors.  Additionally the front bumper is a original later Hannover short ribbed bumper but it matches the Bus very well for now until that matching proper Barndoor comes along.  A correct new Gerson/Klassic Fab Barndoor rear apron is being painted as I type this text as well.

The interior features a good amount of original Dove Blue paint as well and includes the original dash grab handle, original Barndoor 3 spoke steering wheel and button, dual fuse boxes, correct foot rest bar with the rubber grommet, beat up but original front floor mat, and pretty nice original upholstery 1957 Kombi flat backrest middle and rear seats.  It is functional and comfortable and could benefit from a set of Clara's nice reproduction Barndoor Cab Panels.

Mechanically this Bus has seen a great deal of restoration including the previously mentioned fresh 36hp Engine, a gone over and detailed 1957 split case transaxle with just 40,000 original miles and rebuilt Barndoor reduction boxes, rebuilt and detailed correct Barndoor front beam, completely rebuilt braking system including NOS backing plates, NOS drums, and NOS ebrake cables just to name a few.  Additionally the Bus has NOS Barndoor spring plates which have been sand blasted and powder coated along with much of the rest of the undercarriage components.  It's really nice to have that kind of stuff detailed like that as it looks great, prevents deterioration, and keeps you from getting filthy when you service the Bus as well!  The Bus has 6 original Barndoor Wheels that have been sandblasted and the faces capped in the proper L82 Silver White.  5 brand new Firestone bias plies and tubes are mounted on 5 of the wheels and a very nice original Barndoor Continental bias ply is mounted on the 6th wheel as a spare.  The Bus runs and drives very well with just the rebuilding of the original lever shocks.  A later ignition switch has been installed and when the key is turned there is a slight delay before the engine cranks, something that could likely be corrected with a little attention. 

Overall this is a very cool looking, solid, and mechanically revived early Barndoor Kombi that would be a great example to comfortably cruise as it is and possibly make some improvements to at some point in the future.  Those who really know Barndoors know that most have had the crap beaten and hacked out of them in their nearly 60 years of life.  This is a respectable and enjoyable example with so much of the hard work already done.  Thanks!


Please note that this Barndoor is located in Pennsylvania and the vintage Maryland license plates are not included in the sale.

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