1954 3 Fold Oval Sunroof

1954 Factory 3 Fold Sunroof Oval Beetle, Very Dry!

Here is a very worthy early Oval Ragtop project that has been hibernating for many years awaiting its turn at revival.  This is a factory sunroof car, not cut in, and we believe it is on the original early pan which is in very clean condition, too.

Some of the many features to note include the complete early sunroof assembly including the ribbed chrome handle, clean orange-lensed semaphores, heart taillights (one rear lens is missing), ribbed doors, square gas tank, no cutout rear H apron, big spring W decklid, tombstone seats, batwing wheel, early rear view mirror and visor assembly with accessory passenger's side visor, stock front beam, split case trans, and it has a clear California title, too.

The body is very dry, generally straight, and wouldn't take too much work to prep for paint.  One of the front fenders is missing and the other 3 are new Italian replacements.  Additionally the front hood is a later flat 3 pin hood from I believe about 1962 or 1963.  The sunroof parts are included including bows, header, rails, early ribbed handle, escutcheon, etc.  The ribbed doors are in good shape, very straight, and dry, too.  The rear H apron has no cutouts, the dash is in nice shape, and the floor pan is the proper early style with the heater knob behind the e brake handle as well. 

The interior is bare and features the correct early seats which are dry and solid.  The batwing wheel with Wolfsburg crest button, early rear view mirror assembly with accessory passenger's visor, glove box door, 80mph clear needle speedo, radio grill, dash ashtray, and semaphore switch are all included as well.  The extensive pics on my website at will clearly show the condition as well as the parts that are included in the sale.

Mechanically the car has no engine, a correct split case transaxle of unknown condition, and the front beam is stock, too.  It's been off the road in dry indoor storage for many years and it shows.

It's getting harder and harder to find factory 3 Fold Sunroof Ovals that are worth the effort anymore.  This car hasn't been rusted or butchered to death and comes with the majority of the hard parts and a clear title, too.  Thanks!


Please note that this 3 Fold Oval Sunroof is located in San Diego, California.

Please visit my website at to see in the full album of pics of this 1954, more interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, Holy Grail Garage Gear, and Parts for sale.

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