SALE PENDING!  1954 Barndoor Kombi, Rare Behr Roof Scoop, Super Dry Bus!

1954 Barndoor Kombi, Behr Roof Scoop, Super Dry and Easy Project!

Here's a Barndoor Kombi that is sure to impress with the incredible condition of the sheet metal.  It came from the dry climate of Utah years ago and has been in indoor storage as part of a large early Bus collection since.  Have a look at the pics and pay close attention to the floors, rockers, doglegs, cargo door bottoms, and undercarriage and I'm certain you will be very impressed with the superior condition! 

The body is in exceptional condition, certainly far nicer than most Barndoors still existing today.  It is possible that this Bus could be peeled back to mostly original Dove Blue paint and spot blended in as necessary to retain as much originality as possible.  You can see the Dove Blue peeking through the respray and primer on the passenger's side.  The nose skin was replaced long ago with a post-Barndoor nose skin and looks nice.  The front doors, cargo doors, seamed doglegs, floors, and decklid are all correct original German units.  The front bumper is a 1956-1958 short ribbed bumper.  The rear apron on it in the pics is incorrect but a correct original Barndoor apron will be included and can be seen on the cargo floor in the pics.  The taillights are original 1955-1958 European semaphore Bus or Barndoor replacements and the reflectors are not original.  The rare Behr roof scoop is original and complete with everything including the often missing Barndoor ambulance fan assembly!  Pay close attention to all of the original paint on the floors both front and rear, they really speak volumes for the dry climate life this Bus has led over the last 57 years, punctuating the fact that this really is a good Bus!

The interior is largely original with mostly original Dove Blue paint in the cab and the proper flat Grey in the rear.  You'll notice that it isn't sweating surface rust like most old Buses you'll see that trapped water on the inside and became humid incubators and rust factories.  The cab is relatively nice with early grey pressed board door panels with pockets, original Barndoor 3 spoke steering wheel, Deluxe style Wolfsburg horn button, proper Barndoor speedo that reads 18 miles per hour when it's standing still, original dash grab handle, foot rest bar, and a nice original Barndoor front floor mat.  There are no middle or rear seats. 

Mechanically this Barndoor was a driver at the time it was parked some years back and will be very easy to return to the road with a little love and servicing.  It is bone stock with a 1192cc 36hp engine (not the original to the Bus), stock split case Barndoor transaxle, stock Barndoor front beam, and is still factory 6 volt.  Expect to replace the tires, service the brakes, maybe some light wiring, replace the fuel line, maybe some mild tuning, and obviously install a new battery.  It should be very easy to have this Bus back on the road and driving with minimal effort. 

This is an excellent opportunity to own a very good Barndoor without spending the coming months buying and welding in new sheet metal to make it solid again.  This one will be proudly be cruising again and with plenty of time to make it to this years VW Classic in June!  Thanks!

SALE PENDING!  The original Hurst Bumpers and Roof Rack ARE NOT INCLUDED nor for sale separately.

Please note that this Barndoor is located in Dubuque, Iowa.

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