1954 Barndoor Kombi NICE

1954 Barndoor Kombi, Beautiful and Exceptional Example!

I will start by saying that this is a very good Barndoor Bus that plainly and simply cannot be beaten at this price in today's market.  You will not find a better or more respectable Barndoor Kombi for less and if you make the mistake in taking the project Bus route, you will not be able to bring one to this level for less than this one can be bought for right now.

Here is a very proper and stock Barndoor Bus in far nicer condition than most still existing today.  The Bus was imported from Austria approximately 12 years ago and the owner has thoroughly revitalized it from a purists perspective with a focus on preservation of original details.  The result is a impressively correct, rock solid, and respectable 59 year old Bus that has been a regular fixture at East Coast shows for years.

Some of the many features include a full respray in the original color of L31 Dove Blue, all 3 rows of seats in original upholstery including the 6 leg middle in phenomenal condition, original interior panels, original Barndoor long-ribbed front bumper, true European spec symmetrically fluted  Barndoor headlights, all original large logo SEKURIT glass, NOS Hella K1509 bubble taillights, Barndoor 16 inch wheels with proper Firestone 5.50-16 bias ply tires, all NOS door handles with the exception of the decklid T handle, NOS KPH speedometer (with a chrome ring rather than proper brown ring; Deluxe), powder coated original HWE full length roof rack, restored semaphores (one lens is slightly warped and impedes movement), original-to-the-Bus Austria "A" badge, NOS ignition switch, original Saint Christopher badge that's been with the Bus for years, original Bakelite dome lights with reproduction lenses, nice running 36hp engine with all powder coated tin including the strap top air cleaner, and last but not least, the original "20-" engine is included in the sale!

The body is in nice and very solid shape and has been sprayed in Sikkens 2 stage Dove Blue paint.  The exterior clear coat has a matting agent in it to reduce the shine and give the Bus a bit more of a vintage feel.  When the Bus arrived from Austria it only required minimal and normal rust repair which included both rockers, the outriggers, jackpoints, lower nose, one battery tray, small patches on the front floor, the passenger's dogleg, and a 6 inch strip along the cargo rocker. Minimal bodywork was performed to blend the welding while intentionally maintaining the factory panel waves, spot welds, and imperfections rather than filling them with filler and high build primer and creating a false mirror like many overrestored Buses have these days.  After the welding was finished all of the body seams, door frames, and window openings were aggressively blasted to remove rust and the remainder of the body was gently plastic media blasted to remove the paint prior to the respray.  The driver's side long panel was replaced early in the Bus' life with a correct original Barndoor panel as well.  All of the doors, bumpers, decklid, Barndoor crankstart apron etc. are all original German units, too.  The small black parts such as the pedals, splash pan, grab handle, floor plate, foot rest bar, steering column brackets, etc. have been powder coated.  All of the window and door seals were replaced at the time of the repaint as well.  A quick peek at the undercarriage will show you that this Bus is far cleaner and drier than most you'll find of the era.

The interior is definitely a highlight with many impressive original details throughout.  The cargo area was sprayed in the proper flat grey while the cab is repainted in the correct Dove Blue with shiny clear.  The seats are incredible and original upholstery!  The rear seat bottom portion is out of a later Bus as it doesn't have the Barndoor "sharp" middle leg but it matches beautifully.  There are only a few minor tears on the seats that can be seen in the over 80 pics on my website.  The middle seat is the correct 6 legger and was found in a basement in Canada where it had been stored after being removed from a near new Bus many decades earlier.  It really is mindblowingly nice, supple cover, superb grain, simply as nice as you could ever find.  The interior pressed board panels are also original and have been resprayed in grey epoxy primer.  You'd be very hard pressed to find a nicer set of original interior panels than these as well.  The front floor mat is also original but has torn in two like most.  A quick peek beneath the floor mats and you'll see exceptional original floors, too. 

Mechanically the Bus is fully turnkey and can confidently be driven on the freeway.  The engine is a nice running stock 36hp with powder coated tins.  It does occasionally leak a little oil after a long high speed run and we suspect the rear main seal is to blame.  The transaxle shifts smoothly and is a correct Barndoor split case unit and the electrical system is still factory 6 volt.  The wiring harness is new and came from Wiring Works.  The brakes have been completely rebuilt, well maintained, and a Porsche 356 master cylinder was recently installed as well.  The gas tank and spare tire tray have also been powder coated and the gas tank was treated with a POR-15 sealer kit.  The wheels are correct Barndoor 16 inch, are powder coated, and have correct Firestone 5.50-16 bias plies and commercial grey hubcaps installed which look great.  The original matching numbers "20-" engine is included and still has the original round regulator, early pulleys, thin slot generator, etc. still in place. 

Without a doubt this is a very impressive and quality Barndoor Kombi that is very nice looking, super solid, loaded with original parts, and retains several details nearly never seen these days.  Thanks!


*Please note that this Bus is located in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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