1954 Barndoor Single Cab

1954 Barndoor Single Cab, Super Solid, Dry, Nice One!

Here is what is likely one of the nicest, driest, and most solid original sheet metal'ed Barndoor Single Cabs you will ever lay eyes on.  It spent the majority of its 59 years here in the dry climate of California and it has survived exceedingly well.

The body is way above average for a Truck of its age and features the correct parts including both original Barndoor bumpers, correct stamped bezel Hella Barndoor bubble taillights, correct Hella reflectors, genuine Barndoor single rivet headlights, early Wolfsburg brakelight decklid, crankstart apron, semaphore turn signals, correct Barndoor mirror arm, Barndoor nose skin, Barndoor doors, original Barndoor seamed doglegs in phenomenal shape, original floors up front, in the belly, and on the truck bed, too.  The cargo rocker and belly door were replaced with NOS German parts and you can still see the grease pencil markings on the belly door!  Take a look at the underside, too, and you'll see just how incredibly dry this Truck is.  Other details to note include that it comes with the hoops and wood for the canopy as well as brand new wood for the bed.

The interior is remarkably spartan on early commercial Trucks like this and details to note include the very good original Barndoor 3 spoke steering wheel and horn button, correct Barndoor front seat, a very nice correct Barndoor floor mat, rebuilt speedometer, correct dash grab handle, foot rest bar, and the floor beneath the mat is truly "best case scenario".

Mechanically it is all stock with a 1192cc 36hp engine, correct Barndoor reduction box split case transaxle, stock front beam, and it also has a set of proper 16 inch wheels with newer bias ply tires, too.  The tires and brakes were new as of approximately 4 years ago and it has been driven sparingly in that time.  The transaxle is noisy in first gear but it shifts cleanly and stays in all gears, too.  The Truck does run and drive but I would recommend a light general servicing before hitting the freeway as it has been in storage more than it has been driven in the last 4 or so years.

Overall this is an exceptionally clean and unabused Barndoor Single Cab that has survived with the nicest examples that still exist today.  It could easily be detailed, a bit of servicing, and proudly enjoy it just as it is for many years to come.  Somewhere way down the line, it would be the best case scenario for a top level restoration and would really please the kind of collector who values a truly German sheet metal Barndoor that has avoided catastrophe, abuse, rotting, hacks, and loads of replacement sheet metal, too.  Thanks!


Please note that this great Barndoor Truck is located in the Southern United States.

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