SOLD!  1954 Barndoor Standard Sunroof in BELGIUM!  Beautiful and Rare Bus!

PLEASE NOTE, this Bus is located in the country of Belgium!

1954 Barndoor Standard Sunroof Microbus!  The Genuine Article!

Here is what is likely one of the rarer Buses you will ever encounter, a genuine 1954 Barndoor Standard Sunroof Microbus!  To see a non-Deluxe Barndoor with a factory sunroof is rare as there are roughly 20 of them known Worldwide in any condition.  Clearly most are nowhere near as pretty as this one!

The story and history of this Bus are both great and known which is quite remarkable for a 57 year old Bus.  It is an original Dutch Bus that has had just 3 registered owners to date, all of them from Holland.  It was originally sold to a group of nuns from a hospital in Eastern Holland!  The first registration paperwork dates to October 1956 and it is believed that the Bus was possibly left over dealer inventory and the nuns got a super deal on a Bus that was roughly 2 years since new at the time.  The Bus still has the original woven cloth registration and the Ben Pon Dutch importation tag is still intact on the rear apron!  The second owner was a Mr. De Bruyn from a little city in the South of Holland called St. Willibrord.  Mr. De Bruyn used the Bus to commute his workers to Rotterdam to maintain some green landscape spots in that city.  After he passed away, the Bus sat for many years until the current owner discovered it around 1991 and decided it would be a good "just a Bus" Bus for his collection.  He had initially not recognized the rarity of his special Bus but after repeated and suspicious pressuring from a "friend" who wanted to buy it, he did some research, and began to realize just how rare and desirable a Barndoor Standard Sunroof is!  Then, in 2003, the current owner's doctors informed him that he needed to have surgery for a new knee. He decided that was the time to restore it since he didn't know if he'd be mobile enough for such a job afterward.  The restoration was completed in 2004 and the Bus was driven to just one major show, VW Euro, that same year.  He has kept it in fully running, serviced, and MOT'd condition every year since.  He loves the Bus but has now become too old to drive it and would like to pass the torch to the next lucky enthusiast.  Photographs of the owner with his old Bus will be included in the sale.

The body and paint are clean and presentable and it's been repainted in the original colors of L76 Brown Beige over L75 Light Beige.  The body did see typical welding during the restoration including the lower nose, both rockers, jack points, doglegs, some on the doors, the cargo floor, and the belly pans.  The doors, bumpers, decklid, and apron are all correct original Barndoor parts.  All of the rubber was replaced at the time of the repaint, too. 

The interior has been completely redone in the proper Beige upholstery.  The headliner is proper mohair and the floor mats are originals, too.  Both original Barndoor bakelite domelights are also still intact.  The speedo pod is in great shape as is the proper Barndoor 3 spoke steering wheel.  All 3 rows of seats are present and nice although the middle is out of a 1967 and has a custom grab bar as does the bulkhead wall. 

Mechanically the Bus is very stock with a excellent running rebuilt 1192cc 36hp engine that is early but not the original to the Bus.  It was been in there for many years and was rebuilt at the time of the restoration.  The engine is said to "spin like a kitten."  It has several of the proper early features including the thin lipped crank pulley, thin slot generator, thick generator nut, removable oil filler setup, crank start tin, nut, and handle, too!  The transaxle is the stock Barndoor split case with reduction boxes, the electrical system is still the stock 6 volt setup, and the Bus runs, drives, and stops beautifully.  The wheels are a later set of 15 inch Bus wheels with nice Vredestein tires and are topped with a proper set of chrome caps with correct Brown Beige painted logos.  

This is a rare opportunity to own a very special Barndoor Bus that can continue to be enjoyed as it is or some details can be changed to bring it to a more faithful-to-original condition.  Thanks!

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