1954 Canadian Standard!

1954 Canadian Custom Standard Sunroof Oval Window Beetle, Rare!

Here is a beautiful and very unique early Oval Beetle that was specifically built for the Canadian market and referred to as a "Canadian Custom".  It has a very cool combination of original features and is essentially a hybrid between a European Standard and a Deluxe Beetle.  We are only aware of 6 Sunroof examples of its kind in existence today.

Some of the many features include:

~ Being a rare "base" model car with a Factory 3 Fold Sunroof
~ Grey paint as with Standard models
~ Hydraulic brakes, similar to Deluxe
~ Full synchro transaxle, similar to Deluxe
~ 3 Spoke steering wheel, similar to Standard
~ Wingnut seats, same as Standard
~ Chrome trim, bumpers, hubcaps, and handles, same as Deluxe
~ Numbers matching body and pan
~ Later 36hp engine with a Wolfsburg West Okrasa kit
~ Reproduction Abarth muffler
~ Heart Taillights, originals
~ Semaphores, beautifully restored by Matthew Ross
~ Standard rear view mirror
~ Grey canvas 3 fold sunroof, sunroof is original-to-the-car!
~ Frese side view mirror
~ Firestone 5.60-15 bias ply tires, new from 2014
~ Mechanically great, needs nothing

As you can see, this is a very special and nice early Beetle that most enthusiasts have likely never encountered before!

The car was restored nicely 15 years ago and still looks very good today.  It displays beautifully but does have some minor flaws here and there including some chips in the paint, some scratches, paint transfer spots that may polish out, and some light rust specs showing on the backs of the bumpers, etc.  The numerous pics on my website will document the areas to note.  Other details to note include the solid window rubber without the chrome trim, the European blade bumpers, European fluted headlights, two-toned 15 inch smoothie wheels, ribbed doors, correct early H apron with no exhaust cutouts, and all of the glass is matching and original with the exception of the windshield.

The interior is very nice, extremely faithful to the original "Standard" design, and still looks great today.  It does have a few mild stains, some looseness to the material on the paneling, and a few light cracks in the steering wheel, too.  Overall it is way above average and could certainly be improved with a little TLC.  Details to note include the correct Standard upholstery, wing nut seats, 3 spoke steering wheel, Standard black rear view mirror, proper "short" mohair headliner, rear seat bolster pillows, square weave carpeting, and the bare center tunnel as well.

Mechanically the car is excellent, needs nothing, and features the previously mentioned later 36hp engine with a Wolfsburg West Okrasa kit, Abarth style repro muffler, full synchro transaxle, hydraulic brakes, and of course it is still 6 volts as well.  The Firestone bias plies are like new and were installed just last year.

Here's your chance to land a very unusual, rare, and interesting early 3 fold sunroof Oval that will certainly stand out from the crowd!  Thanks!


Please note that this cool early Oval is located in CALGARY, CANADA.

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