SOLD!  1954 Oval Beetle

1954 Oval Beetle, Survivor with Accessories!

This beautiful early Oval is a well-preserved example that is tastefully adorned with cool period accessories and is a solid and respectable example that can be driven and enjoyed.

Some of the great features of this car include semaphore turn signals, original heart taillights, ribbed doors, beautiful batwing steering wheel, early European fluted headlight lenses, accessory windshield washer system, vintage Canadian automobile club badge, period dash mounted compass, vintage ski rack, and the car will also come with the previously mounted "Volkswagen Canada" bias ply tires that have a band of VW logos around the edge.  They were only removed due to their age.  Very cool bit of original nostalgia that you never see.

The paint is a older respray of a 1950's metallic gold/brown/bronze shade.  It is in nice shape for a driver and very indigenous of the era.  There are some little chips, dings, and paint checking around from age but it still displays nicely and makes for a car you are not too afraid to enjoy as is.  All of the body components are correct, ribbed doors, flat rear H apron, early fenders with low mounted heart taillights, wide spring W decklid, flat tab hood, etc.  The pan is also the original with the straight shifter and heater knob behind the ebrake handle.  Somebody long ago brushed on some undercoating and there are some signs of previous corrosion around the battery that I detected but nothing abnormal and it is clean and functional now.  Overall it is very respectable, presentable, and enjoyable for a nearly 56 year old driver Oval Beetle.

The interior was refreshed years back with a cloth corduroy-looking material that is comfortable and functional.  The seats are the correct early square pattern seats, the dash is in very nice shape with an accessory compass, period in-dash radio, and vintage style coco floor mats were also added as an accessory.  The headliner is a nice mohair that is in great shape as well.  Overall the interior is sterile and respectable.

Mechanically this Oval features bone stock running gear including a 1192cc 36hp engine, split case transaxle, 6 volt electrical system, and new tires all around that replaced the possibly original Volkswagen Canada bias plies I mentioned earlier.  The engine still retains quite a few of its special early bits including the 1954-1955 fuel pump, the early lipless crank pulley, single tip muffler, and it has a very cool early voltage regulator with an aluminum housing with a large VW logo stamped on top.  It runs very well, drives nicely, and is a great little car to put some miles on.

People frequently get so excited about getting a perfect car while underestimating the value of a car that you can comfortably hop in, relax, and enjoy without fear of rock chips, door dings, and splashing through puddles and dirtying your "doctor's office sterile." undercarriage.  This is a great and lovable early Oval with lots of character and a price that makes it very attractive as a car to enjoy regularly.


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**Please note that this car is located in the Gilbert/Phoenix, Arizona area.

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