SALE PENDING!  1955 Barndoor Double Door Panel Bus Project, Rare Bus!

1955 Barndoor Double Door Panel Project!

Here's one of a handful of Barndoor Double Door Panel Buses known to still exist.  It is the genuine article, has a rare optional Behr roof scoop, aftermarket Barndoor style safari windows, properly lowered suspension, Cosmic wheels, a aftermarket rear hatch, a genuine rear Hurst bumper assembly, and comes with the vast majority of the parts to complete it as well.

This Bus was discovered years back in a old car grave yard in North Dakota and had been off the road for many years.  The owner went through it, got it running, lowered it, and drove it out to a few events like that.  He then decided to start on the body work and finish it to a higher standard.  At that time he took the Bus apart, sandblasted the entire shell to bare metal, and put it in the coat of tinted sealer that you see now.  There is absolutely no filler on it currently so what you see is what you get.  For personal reasons he now reluctantly needs to sell it as it is.

Some of the many other features of this Bus include a narrowed adjustable beam, dropped spindles, straight axle trans, raised steering box, 4 wheel disc brakes, NOS Barndoor kilometer speedometer, aftermarket European headlights, reproduction bubble taillights with original lenses, rebuilt semaphores rewound for 12 volts, and a new custom wiring harness as well.

The body is in decent shape and will require some welding including the lower nose, cargo floor, at least some patches on the front floor, driver's dogleg, lower cargo doors, windows in the cargo doors, driver's side rear wheel well, and some other spots that are thinned and can be seen in the extensive pics on my site.  All of the doors are correct Barndoor doors including front doors, all 4 of the cargo doors, and the decklid.  The cargo floor was completely removed by a previous owner and will need to be replaced.  The front end was tubbed to clear the front wheels as well.  The cargo doors are wavy but original and could be saved by a skilled body man.  The original belly pans do have a little perforation but are largely solid and impressively intact.  Additionally the battery tray and opposite corner tray are incredibly clean and solid.  Overall the Bus will need some welding and body work but it totally doable.

The interior is very basic and what you see is what you get.  The parts include the speedo pod, Bakelite switch plate, NOS speedometer, dash grab handle, correct ribbed door handles, footrest bar, early fuse box with Bakelite cover, front seat bottom frame, both Bakelite dome lights, and the Behr air scoop airbox, too.  Take a close look at the parts pics on my site, there are loads of proper bits, hard-to-find items, and hardware that are included!

This Barndoor is being sold without an engine.  It does have a 5.5 inch narrowed adjustable beam with 4.5 inch dropped spindles, a straight axle long axle trans, 4 wheel disc brakes including Porsche 944 fronts, all braided lines, new master cylinder, and the brakes have around 100 miles on them.  The steering box has been raised and the front wheel wells were tubbed under the front seat as well.  The wheels are genuine 14 inch Cosmics in the Chevy bolt pattern.  The wiring is a new custom harness that has all the stock provisions as well as added wiring for a tachometer and having the added safety of the taillights as blinkers rather than solely as running lights. 

This is a chance to get a very doable and rare Barndoor Double Door Panel Bus with good bones, lots of custom work already performed, a long list of cool parts, and a very honest body showing exactly what is left to do.


An original M053 factory optioned Rear Hatch can also be included for another $1,000.

Please note that this Barndoor is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Please visit my website at to see the full album of pics of this Barndoor that clearly show the condition, areas requiring work, and the large quantity of parts that are included in the sale.  If you have any questions, feel free to call for more details.

Brendan Finn (858)366-2549

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