SOLD!  1955 Barndoor Panel Bus Project in Southern California!

1955 Barndoor Panel Bus Project in Southern California, Affordable!

Here is a very reasonable Barndoor Panel project that is at a price that will fit a lot of budgets.  Yes, it needs work, but many original parts are included and due to the fact that it's here in Southern California, many potential buyers will only be looking at a short ride on a trailer rather than cross-country hauling on a transport truck. 

This early 1955 Barndoor was found in a barn in the North Eastern United States a handful of years back.  The Bus had been parked for decades prior to its liberation, take note of the vintage bias ply tires on it that have been on it since back in the day!  It made its way out West and many parts have been collected for its eventual revival. 

Some of the many features include having both correct Barndoor pressed bumpers, NOS Barndoor replacement/European semaphore Bus taillights, a pair of core semaphores, a very nice and clean rebuilt 36hp engine, original Barndoor 16 inch wheels, correct Barndoor transaxle, proper Barndoor front beam, original Barndoor gas tank, original Barndoor only decklid T handle, blown seams but impressive original upholstery Barndoor front seat, ratty but present front floor mat, a later original brakelight bulb holder and bezel, beautiful speedo pod, great original paint in the cab, correct Barndoor 3 spoke steering wheel and button, a pair of brand new Mark Lapriore reproduction mirror arms, and last but certainly not least, the correct, very rare, and extremely valuable correct 1955 Barndoor US Spec "Egg" sealed beam headlights!

The body obviously needs a good amount of welding and work, mainly down low in the normal spots you'd expect to see.  The Bus will definitely need the cargo floor, both rockers, front floor outer sections, some patches on the doglegs at best, and likely a good deal more.  Above the beltline, the body is impressively straight, solid, and seems to be unmolested.  There is also the obvious large sections of paint that peeled off down to bare metal leaving the ugly surface rusted spots all around.  Additionally, there is some damage on the passengers rear quarter that had thick filler on it that has since been removed.  There are some skims of filler on the body that almost seem as though they didn't work out the dents, filled them, and then put on the next layer of paint.  I'm sure they could be worked out pretty well with some time and now with Gerson's Klassic Fab metal, this Bus will be a whole lot easier to revive than years ago.  Other good news is that all of the doors are correct original Barndoor doors as well.

The interior is extremely original with original paint throughout.  The orignal Dove Blue paint in the cab is impressive and will look very nice after some polishing.  The front seat is correct, original, and only needs a little cleaning and seam restitching.  The dash is beautiful and complete with a nice looking original speedo and original dash grab handle, too.  The floor mat is there but is split down the middle.  The original 3 spoke steering wheel is also in decent condition and is complete with the original horn button.  One of the interior ribbed cab door handles is missing but that is an easy and cheap part to find.
The rear compartment is impressively clean and original for a Bus of this era as well.  Years ago somebody glued some sound deadening panels inside the rear with a black tar like adhesive and there are a lot of dabs of it all over the walls.  I think it will likely come off with a little effort with a razor blade and/or solvents.  The original bulkhead is in great shape and unmolested, too.

Mechanically the Bus will need a thorough going over due to the very long storage.  A very clean and nice rebuilt 36hp engine is included and the transaxle and front beam are the unmolested original Barndoor units.  The wiring in the engine compartment will need attention and the front of the harness will likely need some tidying as well.  Obviously it will need the brake system rebuilt and although the cool old bias plies hold air and look awesome it will need new tires as well.

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a very doable Barndoor Bus for a very small price compared to most you'll see.  I'm certain that somebody will step up on this one quickly so act quick if you intend to be the new owner!  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in West Covina, California.

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