1955 Barndoor Panel Bus!

1955 Barndoor Panel Bus, Solid And Reliable Driver!

Here is a cool and dry Barndoor Panel Bus that you can hop right in and drive and enjoy today.  It has been a regular attendee at shows all over California for many years and due to the owner making a move on another Bus, he's offering his beloved Panel for sale.

Some of the many features of this 57 year old Bus include having a very dry body that is well above average and could very easily be peeled back to the original Dove Blue paint, having all the correct doors, original nose, seamed Barndoor doglegs, correct original Barndoor bumpers, original floors, original Barndoor taillights, a nice running 1641cc engine with dual baby Weber carbs, a 12 volt converted electrical system, very nice early European symmetrically fluted headlights, a properly lowered suspension with dropped spindles, adjusters, and a straight axle rear, too. 

The body is impressively solid for an unrestored Barndoor and has a few old layers of paint and primer over the factory original Dove Blue paint.  I had some fun a while back and sprayed some Easy Off Oven Cleaner on the rear as you can see.  After a few minutes letting it soak and a little elbow grease, you can see that there is strong and beautiful original paint just dying to be reclaimed!  I can't stress enough that I've peeled several early Buses with this method and this one was one of the easiest and had the best results I've seen thus far.  Just imagine what an absolute monster this Barndoor would be all peeled back, blended where necessary, and buffed out.  The Bus is very dry with some small areas of rust including some perforation in the front floor corners, and a little on both rockers.  It  could easily continue to be enjoyed just as it is or do some localized repairs, blend as necessary, and have a virtually rust free Bus. The bulkhead wall was cut many years ago and currently has an unfinished repair using another original Barndoor bulkhead wall.  The original spare tire tray and a pair of clean core semaphores will also come with the Bus.

The interior on Panels was very utilitarian and this one is no different.  Details to note include strong and clean original flat grey paint in the cargo area, a correct Barndoor 3 spoke steering wheel with a Wolfsburg crest horn button, intact original speedo pod, correct foot rest bar, dash grab handle, and a ratty but original front floor mat, too.  A little careful work with "Easy Off" or aerosol "Graffiti Remover" could clean off the respray inside the cab area as well. 

Mechanically this Bus is fully turnkey, driven often, and features a good running 1641cc engine with dual baby Weber carbs, a later Bus front beam with adjusters and dropped spindles, a straight axle rear, good brakes, and good low profile tires mounted on clean 15 inch Beetle smoothie wheels.  The electrical system was converted to 12 volts and it starts, stops, runs, shifts, and drives nicely and has proven to be a very reliable ride over the many years it has been on the road.  Thanks!


Please note that this Barndoor is located in Pomona, California.

Please visit my website at www.holygrailgarage.com to see the full album of pics of this Bus, more interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, Holy Grail Garage Gear, and Parts for sale.
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