SOLD!  1955 Barndoor Single Cab, Ultimate Patina Style!

1955 Barndoor Single Cab, Ultimate Style!

This is without a doubt one of the most bad ass Barndoor Single Cabs in existence.  All of the extensive customization and revival work was performed by the legendary Barndoor specialist George Schmidt of the World Famous Butcher Shop in South El Monte, California.  Some of the seemingly endless list of cool features on this Single Cab include properly lowered suspension, a fresh and fully built 2165cc dual carbed engine, built transaxle, front disc brakes, fully restored original Superior wheels, new Barndoor safari windows with restored original hardware, Single Cab wood slat roof rack, original hoops and wood slats, all new original style interior, Koch restored Barndoor steering wheel, new front floor mat, NOS semaphore switch, NOS starter button, NOS key and ignition cylinder, NOS early accessory gas gauge, NOS correct Barndoor taillights, NOS replacement reflectors, fully restored original bumpers, reproduction Hurst bumper, mint original early European symmetrically fluted headlights, restored semaphores, a brand new wiring harness from Wiring Werks, Optima gel cell battery, and much much more!  This early 1955 has an awesome patina look, great slammed stance, and is built to fly down the freeway in style.
This Single Cab spent decades parked in the dry inland desert climate of Southern California prior to its revival just a handful of years back.  It had a one time exterior respray in the original color of Dove Blue many many years ago and with the years on it it has the cool patinaed appearance of original paint.  The body is what I'd call nice shape for such a early Single Cab.  Sure, it has the obvious rust in the lower nose, both rockers, and the belly floor but if you are familiar with Barndoors you'd have to agree that is still very impressive when compared to other survivors of its age.  The Barndoor cab doors, early brakelight decklid, Barndoor seamed doglegs, crankstart apron, Barndoor long-ribbed front bumper, pressed rear Truck bumper, and gates are all correct and original as well. 
The interior features original Dove Blue paint, fully restored original Barndoor bench seat, all new grey pressboard panels, new Barndoor front floor mat, a beautiful original speedo and pod assembly with the previously mentioned rare NOS parts, and the perfectly restored black Barndoor steering wheel too.  The front floor was completely replaced with a new Gerson floor and paint matched in Dove Blue.
Mechanically this Bus is built to move and does.  George is not only a Barndoor expert but a specialist with lowered early Bus suspensions as well.  He built the very powerful and quality bored and stroked 2165cc dual carbed engine complete with a full MSD ignition system, fan belt tensioning system, new alternator, powdercoated German tin, breather box, and fully functioning heating system too.  The transaxle is fully built to handle the power and features a straight axle kit as well.  The front beam was narrowed and adjusters, dropped spindles, and a very spendy front disc brake conversion were added as well.  This combination provides far more than enough power to stay in the fast lane all day long!
The wheels are a fully restored set of original wide 5 Superiors that have been polished and repainted.  The center caps are hard-to-find original metal caps as opposed to the cheapy plastic junk you usually find.  The low profile tires are brand new as are the shocks at all 4 corners.  This Truck is road proven over the last handful of years with many successful long trips under its belt.  Additionally, it just received a full servicing with George including having the oils changed, valve adjustment, carbs adjusted, timing set on the light, and a full tuneup as well.  The Truck is fresh and ready to roll.
Those of you who are familiar with Barndoors and early Single Cabs know that examples like this aren't out there in large numbers.  No matter how much you hold your breath and pray, Barndoor Single Cabs like this just don't come along.  When you add up the cost of all of the difficult to nearly impossible to find parts this Truck offers, the many many thousands spent on the drivetrain, suspension, brakes, wheels, accessories, and literally hundreds of hours of super skilled labor that created it, you can rest assured that you could very easily spend a fortune more in an attempt to build a similar Truck but in reality would most likely end up with a tremendously larger investment and a Truck nowhere near as awesome as this one!  Thanks!


*Please note this Barndoor Single Cab is located in Covina, California.

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