1955 Double Door Panel!

1955 Wolfsburg Double Door Panel Bus, Converted to Right Hand Drive, Safaris, Semaphores, and More!

Here's a cool one that has been hiding indoors for the better part of the last 20 years.  It's an early May of 1955 Wolfsburg Double Door Panel Bus that was built into this cool mild custom driver back in the late 1980's or early 1990's.  It was converted to Right Hand Drive with the use of original Right Hand Drive components including the dash, right side of the front floor, steering, etc.  It starts, runs, drives, shifts, and stops!

There is a long list of early/1955/Wolfsburg/Barndoor features on this neat transitional Bus that include:

*Lipless fresh air intake vents with large mesh screens
*Barndoor long rib front bumper, original
*Seamed dogelgs, originals
*Flat back front seat, original upholstery on backrest
*Barndoor semaphore switch, working
*Large logo SEKURIT glass in front slider assemblies
*Rubber seal around gas door
*Single position rear hatch
*Wolfsburg brakelight decklid, very nice
*Tubular trans hanger
*20- VIN number Bus, genuine 1955

Other features include:

*Safari windows, originals
*Semaphores, originals, working
*Kilometer speedometer, early clear needle 100KM version
*Barndoor steering wheel, original, with button, very nice
*Crazy homemade rear safari window, made with an original safari frame and hardware!

The body is in impressive condition for an early 1955 and features the correct pressed bumpers, seamed doglegs, Wolfsburg doors, Wolfsburg brakelight decklid, and crankstart apron, too.  The front floor could use a corner wedge on the right hand side, the doglegs have bubbling in the outer triangles in the typical way, the rockers have some perforation, and there is some perforation starting on the right hand side roof above the gutter.  The cargo floor is pretty unbelievable, and original!  Other details to note include the original belly pans that are way above average, and the rear luggage shelf is also in excellent condition.  The nose has a bit of rust at the bottom but is very straight and the roof is excellent straightness-wise as well.  The paint was done to a driver quality level at least 20 years ago and is showing its age.  One taillight is a 1955 dual filament bubble, the other is a 1953-1955 Barndoor single filament bubble, both are original.  If someone wanted to make it more "appropriate" for the RHD theme, it should get a pair of the flat lensed semaphore taillights.  Depending upon the tastes of a new owner, it could be buffed out and driven as is, have the localized rust repairs done and paint blended, or the Bus would be a great base for a high quality rotisserie build.

The interior is very stock, relatively clean, and mostly complete.  Details to note include the nice dash, radio blockoff plate, early accessory metal grab handle, old repro door panels with pockets, the correct flat backrest front seat, original cab divider, original pressed board sun visor, and the early 3 rib air box as well.

Mechanically it is a runner but should see some work and servicing before it's considered to be a trustworthy driver.  It was just awoken after being in storage for about 20 years so the tires and brakes are OK for around-the-neighborhood-type driving but need replacing or servicing.  Electrically it needs some detailing and finishing as well although it starts right up via the European fahrt start ignition/steering column lock and the semaphores work, too.  The engine is a 36hp, the trans is stock, and the electrical was converted to 12 volts with a small diameter generator, too.

Overall it's a very cool and rare early Bus that isn't a creme puff but it does have a lot of appeal.  It could go in a lot of different directions in the right hands and will be a fun one no matter what.  Thanks!


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