1955 RHD Oval Beetle!

1955 Right Hand Drive Oval Beetle from New Zealand, Nice Example!

This impressively well-preserved early 1955 Beetle left the Volkswagen factory in Germany as a "CKD", Complete Knock Down, and was assembled at the Volkswagen plant in New Zealand.  It is believed that this is among the first 1,000 CKD Beetles ever assembled in New Zealand, a pretty cool detail, I think you'll agree.  The current owner is a life-long Volkswagen collector who fell in love with her on a recent business trip to Auckland, bought her, and drove her all over the country during his extended stay.  When his work was done, he brought her home to California, and he's continued to enjoy her as well as sharing her with Volkswagen enthusiasts from all over the globe.  The car is crazy solid, still has many original details intact throughout, runs and drives nicely, and has just over 85,000 miles since new. 

Some of the many features to take note of include the original 36hp engine, the original early pan, nice heart taillights, working semaphore turn signals, correct wide spring W decklid, correct early flat rear H apron, flat front hood, ribbed doors, early seats, Albert style swan neck mirrors, original RHD rear view mirror, original New Zealand market glass, early Hella symmetrically fluted headlights, original and nice Euro style blade bumpers and guards, original square gas tank, batwing steering wheel, and the original vintage New Zealand license plates are still with the car as well! 

The body is in good shape, far above average, straight, and has managed to avoid the typical hacks and updates most 58 year old Beetles saw in their lifetimes.  The light blue paint was resprayed many years ago and still displays nicely for a driver.  The body and pan are very dry and don't have any significant rust issues that I detected.  The car displays very nicely for a driver you can be proud of and will make an excellent base for an eventual restoration at some point way down the line.

The interior is nice, clean, comfortable, and was refreshed with newer upholstery, carpeting, door panels, and a proper mohair headliner, too.  The original batwing steering wheel is in excellent shape, the original clear needle speedometer is clean and shows just over 85,000 miles which is certain to be the original mileage on the car, and even the original pressed board glove box liner is still intact.

Mechanically the car is a full and reliable turnkey driver.  The owner took a tour with several Vintage VW enthusiasts that ran the entire length of both the North and South islands of New Zealand!  Furthermore, it recently drove from San Diego to Orange County to attend several VW Classic Weekend events and it performed beautifully.  The engine is the original 1192cc 36hp with the proper 1955 parts including the wavy top fuel pump, thin lipped crank pulley, thick lipped/thick nut generator pulley, thin slot generator, round regulator, cast iron distributor with vacuum advance and early wire clips, removable oil filler, and a single tip muffler, too.  It runs very well and does nicely on the freeway as well.  The transaxle was swapped for a later full synchro unit and works well.  The electrical system is still 6 volt and both semaphores work as do the original heart taillights.  The car is a reliable driver and also has a near new set of radial tires mounted on stock smoothie wheels.

Overall this is a rare and cool early Oval Beetle that has survived much better than most its age.  It displays nicely, runs and drives very well, and is one you can be very proud to own as a respectable driver until an eventual restoration somewhere far down the line.  Thanks!


Please note that this rare RHD 1955 Oval is located in San Diego, California.

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