SOLD!  1955 Wolfsburg 23 Window Deluxe Microbus, Super Dry!

1955 Wolfsburg 23 Window Deluxe Sunroof Microbus, Very Dry Bus!

Here's yet another very special early Bus with lots of very early characteristics that make it very different from later 23 Windows.  It is the very close cousin to the legendary Barndoor 23 Window.  This particular Bus is far drier, straighter, and cleaner than most you'll find.  A peek at the floors, rockers, belly pans, and undercarriage will quickly demonstrate exactly what I'm talking about. 

Some of the cool details and features of this Bus include having the original Chestnut Brown paint up top with a very cool natural patina fade,1914cc dual carbed engine, having an extremely dry body, and loads of early body and sheet metal details originally which included the long ribbed Barndoor/Wolfsburg front bumper (bumpers not included!), tubular transaxle hanger, Barndoor seamed doglegs, rubber seal around the gas door, Wolfsburg front floor, Wolfsburg front doors, early Sekurit glass, 6 leg middle seat mounts for the cargo floor, early air intake vents above the windshields, early Wolfsburg style brakelight decklid, the broader Barndoor/Wolfsburg Bus rain gutters, and far too many other small details to list. 

The body is in nice and very dry condition and still displays the original Chestnut Brown paint up top.  The lower half has an ugly coat of paint/primer close to the original color of Sealing Wax Red.  The Bus came from California some years back prior to its becoming part of a very large early Bus collection where it has sat for years now.  The body is impressively straight, definitely not perfect, but far from bad.  The original early front floor has some perforation on the corner wedges but it's impressive to have that little for a now 56 year old Bus.  The rockers, belly pans, doglegs, and undercarriage are all way above average and about as dry as you'll ever find for an unrestored Bus of this era.  The front doors, cargo doors, doglegs, wheel wells, decklid, and apron are all correct for the Bus.  The bulkhead/divider wall had been cut years ago and has been repaired with a correct original wall although it could use having the welds cleaned up a bit.  There have been a couple patches put on the typical peashooter holes on the apron, no big deal.  The Bus was apparently not an original semaphore turn signal Bus but those were put on it at some point in the past.  It also has the proper for the "Euro conversion" semaphore Bus taillights, semaphore switch, and a "Fahrt start" European locking steering column/ignition system.

The interior features a very nice original Sealing Wax red dash.  The radio hole was slightly enlarged in the past and a accessory gas gauge was also added.  Take note of the early dash clock position and it does have a early Deluxe clock with the winder on the backside as well.  The front seat seems to be original, the middle seat is a slightly later one out of a 1959-1961 Mango Standard, and it does have a rear seat core as well.  The rear window jailbars are also still in place.  Pay close attention to the original paint down low and on the floors, this Bus is incredibly dry!

Mechanically the Bus was a driver prior to being parked for several years.  Expect to do some light revival and service work to get it back up to speed as it is currently a non-runner.  It features a 1914cc dual carbed engine, updated fully synchronized transaxle, and has been converted to 12 volts as well.  The front beam is also out of a slightly newer Bus. 

The parts you see mounted to and sitting inside the Bus are what is included, no other parts are included in the sale.  The roof rack is NOT included nor for sale separately.

Overall this is a very good Bus to do a semi preservation or driver out of.  It is also an excellent base to do a very nice restoration on as well.  No matter which route you should choose, you will have a rare, special, and super solid Bus.  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in Iowa and the Roof Rack is not included in the sale. 

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