1955 Wolfsburg 23 Window

1955 Wolfsburg 23 Window Deluxe Sunroof Microbus, Beautiful!

This nicely restored and genuine 1955 23 Window was built on May 12th, 1955, and was shipped to Import Motors, Chicago, Illinois.  We have record that in 1965 it was owned by Mr. Leland Schoff and a copy of that 1965 Illinois Title in his name as well as the original 1955 Illinois license plates are still with the Bus after all these years.  This Bus has had just two registered owners since 1965 if not earlier!  A neat detail about this Bus is that it is one of the earliest bullet turn signal Buses you'll ever see as not long before the production of this Bus would have been the semaphore turn signal era.  Yes, it comes with the Birth Certificate from Volkswagen, too.

The Bus has been nicely restored, is impressively accurate compared to what most Wolfsburg era Deluxes look like after 62+years, and it is clearly well above average in quality, too.

Details to note include the correct long ribbed/Barndoor style front bumper, the correct 6 leg middle seat, seamed Barndoor style doglegs, original 1955 bubble taillights, the single position rear hatch, original Bakelite dome lights, correct early style wheel trim rings, correct long-arc fat based mirror arm, large logo SEKURIT glass, very nicely detailed May 1955 "20-" 36hp Bus engine with correct wing nut air cleaner, the list goes on!  

The body is way above average and is nicely refinished in the original colors of Sealing Wax Red and Chestnut Brown.  The floors are beautiful and the underside was treated to a factory-style paint pattern with the grey and original style oversprays of red, too.  The taillights are original and correct for 1955 with just the "Hella" logoed lenses and stamped VW and Hella chrome bezels.  The reflectors are genuine glass dealer replacement style and look as good as NOS.  Other details to note include the pressed bumpers with trim, brakelight decklid, correct doors, crankstart apron, 15 inch wheels, and a set of safari windows, too.

The interior is nicely refinished and faithful to the original design with a nicely done mohair headliner, light brown panels, correct flat backrest seats including the rare and expensive 6 leg middle seat, snowflake style kick panels, and the original Barndoor-1955 Bakelite dome lights as well.  There are a few small details to be corrected for the hardcore collector but it is well above average, is very clean, and displays excellently, too.

Mechanically the Bus is stock and features a very nicely and professionally restored May of 1955 "20-" 36hp Bus engine, stock split case reduction box transaxle, stock suspension, stock brakes, original 15 inch Bus wheels with Firestone 6.40-15 tires, and a 6 volt electrical system, too.  The Bus was recently professionally serviced and I can provide videos of it starting, running, idling, and driving to seriously interested parties.

Here's your chance to own a beautiful and rare genuine 1955 23 Window Bus without the searching, waiting, and nasty unexpected surprises that come from attempting to restore one for yourself.  Thanks!


Please note that this cool 1955 is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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