1956 Karmann Ghia Coupe

1956 Lowlight Karmann Ghia Coupe, Project, Originally Lizard Green!

Here is a rough but restorable early Karmann Ghia that left the Volkswagen factory in one of the coolest and most-loved colors ever for a early Ghia, Lizard Green.  The color really screams 1950's and looks so awesome on a well-done car!

This car will require the full restoration treatment, welding, body, paint, all mechanicals, replating, parts hunting, etc., but the reward of having such an early example in such a desirable color should make that journey worthwhile.

The body is fairly rough with dings, dents, rust, layers of old paint, dried up rubber, etc.  The nose had been bonked long ago, the rockers are rusty, the pan is rusty, the heater channels are crunchy with some holes, and some spots around like the edges of the hood have rust holes, too.  The good news is that the car will come with a much nicer but not rust free set of original floor pan halves, a impressively dry and solid lower rocker/body/luggage shelf/heater channel section cut out of a much drier Ghia, and a handful of other parts that are not installed on the car.

Several parts to note include the early steering wheel, the correct early sun visor and rear view mirror, the early dome light, correct taillights, early and original blue ceramic nose badge, the correct early "bat ear" Karmann Ghia badge, and it comes with a pair of later front seats.

The European headlight lenses, non-factory accessory dash gauges, the roof rack, and the Porsche rims inside the car are NOT included in the sale.

Yes, it's rough, but the reward of seeing this 1956 fully refreshed to the way it left the factory 60 years ago will be a fun process for a patient and talented new owner. Thanks!


Please note that this cool Lowlight Ghia is located in Anaheim, California.

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