SOLD!  1956 Wolfsburg Kombi, Original Dove Blue Paint, Logos, Super Dry!

1956 Wolfsburg Kombi, Original Dove Blue Paint with Logos, Super Dry!

Those of you who really know me know I can't contain my excitement when I find nice early and special survivors.  This early 1956 Wolfsburg-built Kombi is no exception to that rule.  The Bus was found in Montana about 5 years ago where it had been parked and untouched for decades.  The arid climate and Mother Nature were very kind to it as is evident from the super cool sun fade patina and the incredibly dry original body.  Sure, it's got some bumps and bruises but it is far more straight and solid than you'd expect for a 54 year old Bus.  This Bus is a beast in progress and many of you can see exactly how little enjoyable work this Bus will need to realize its full potential.  If I didn't already have more Buses than I can comfortably store, you'd better believe I'd be making a move on this one.
The body is exceptional for an original paint 1956.  It is super straight, a few bumps and dings around as you can clearly see, but on the whole it is very impressive.  There are some small dings in the nose, a few dings on the lower rear cargo door area, and a shallow crease in the passengers door.  Besides those spots, it is as straight as you will find for a survivor of this era.  There is very surprisingly little rust on the Bus as well.  The cargo rocker is the worst spot, no surprise, a spot at the rear of the driver's rocker, a small hole starting on the driver's dogleg, and a couple very small holes in the front floor.  The front floor is super nice, very dry, straight, and clean.  The rear floor is incredibly nice, rock solid, straight, and still displays nice original grey paint!  The roof is excellent, dry, straight as can be, and has beautiful gutters, too; the early wide Wolfsburg gutters at that.   Keep in mind, this is a Wolfsburg Bus with all the early metal, Barndoor style seamed doglegs (these are among the nicest I've ever seen!), 6 leg middle seat cargo floor, tubular trans hanger, early rear corner trays (unbelievably nice and solid as you'll ever see!), early gas door assembly with the rubber seal still intact, etc.  All of the glass is correct matching logo original dual SEKURIT logos with the exception of the windshields which were replaced long ago.  The original Dove Blue paint has a beautiful fade pattern that only Father Time and Mother Nature can produce.  A bit of matched paint blending in a few small spots, some detail time, some buffing, and wax will bring the beautiful Bus that is waiting to happen right to the surface.  A original metal front bumper and a fiberglass rear are included as well as the small parts pictured on the front seat.
The interior is dusty but very original.  The original flat back front seat has the original upholstery in very nice shape but some of the stitching is letting loose.  The dash is original paint but has the obvious few gauge holes as well as having had the radio hole trimmed a bit long ago.  The floors and inner roof are extremely nice.  Notice how the grey roof paint is still unstained as this Bus didn't sit full of water for all those decades.  From the beltline down in the rear compartment there was some kind of odd textured material sprayed many years ago.  It almost seems like a tar-like sound deadener or insulator of some form.  This Bus would have originally had a 6 leg middle seat as you can see the double wide cargo floor leg plate.  A previous owner cut a small "carb/engine inspection hole in the rear deck and then covered it up with a plate of steel.  The Bus obviously was previously equipped with a gas heater as the ducting through the firewall is still there as well as the tell tale dealer cut holes in the engine surround metal.  Overall everything is extremely impressive for how dry it is and when you look at the pics of the inner bottoms of the cab doors you will certainly have to admit that you are impressed, they are beautiful!
Mechanically the Bus needs finishing.  Since coming home from Montana it has had a narrowed beam, straight axle trans, and I believe vintage E-T mags installed.  It will need an engine, brakes, and electrical work for sure.  The wiring harness is pretty nice and hasn't been played with too much which is good.  The parts that you see in the pics are what it will come with, nothing more. 
Early examples with great original bodies don't come around often.  Rest assured that a lucky enthusiast is going to get a very exceptional and special early Bus here!  Thanks!


*Please note that this early Kombi is located in Vista, California

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