1957 Convertible Beetle

1957 Convertible Beetle, Cool Patina Looker!

Here we have a neat early Convertible that is just begging for a little attention.  I see this car as a perfect candidate for some typical welding, a bit of mechanical revival, a buffing, and drive it just as it is.  It''ll be a relatively small investment compared to what finished Oval Convertibles are bringing these days and you'll have a unique looking and fairly original car that will be a fun one to relax and enjoy.

This car came from the Pacific Northwest some years back and saw a new set of seat covers and a rebuild of the 36hp engine with that owner.  He sold it to another collector who immediately drove the car from Oregon down to San Diego, and then all the way across the United States to New Hampshire!  Talk about a sense of adventure, he said he was continually hit up by guys wanting to buy the car all the way across the nation.  He drove the car sparingly during his ownership and it has been sitting more than driven in the last handful of years.  It's now ripe for some revival work and will most certainly prove to be worth the effort.

The body is in impressive condition with all of the proper components such as the Convertible W decklid, bullet front fenders, flat front hood, H apron, icepick handled Convertible doors, and yes, the original Convertible rear window assembly is included although not currently installed.  We're not certain but we believe the original color may be Shetland Grey.  It's got a cool wear and fade to it and will certainly look great with a good detail and polishing.  There is some typical rust in the floor pan and heater channels.  I think most guys would opt to do the necessary localized welding and enjoy the car as a largely unrestored patina ride.  The full album of pics on my website at will give you a very clear idea of what the cars needs are.

The interior is believed to be showing the original paint and the previous owner installed the new seat covers and door panels some years back.  It really looks good for a patinaed driver and wouldn't need too much to tidy it up further, I'd suggest a good quality carpet kit.

Mechanically the car is bone stock and made that miraculous cross-country trek approximately 7 or so years ago.  Due to the long time it's been in storage, it should see some general servicing.  It does currently start, run, drive, and stop.  One should expect to do at least a little work in every department to get the car fully roadworthy.  The 36hp engine was rebuilt not many miles ago while it was in the Pacific Northwest and ran nicely during the long trip.  The split case trans shifted well but does leak gear oil when it sits for a period of time.  The tires are a older set of Firestone bias ply wide whites that will clean up well with some Westley's Bleech-White tire cleaner and would be good around town but not for highway driving due to their age.  Other details to note are that the electrical system is still 6 volt and the wiring harness looks well-intact and the original pressboard wiring cover is still present and in good condition, too.  Thanks!


Please note that this 1957 Convertible Beetle is located in Connecticut.

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