SOLD!  1957 RHD Oval Beetle!

1957 Right Hand Drive Australian Oval Beetle with 98,000 Original Miles!

Here's another one for the purists and vintage lovers.  This beautiful and totally original 1957 Right Hand Drive Oval Beetle was imported from Australia just a handful of years back after having spent many years parked in a dry warehouse with several other extremely nice and thoroughly original early VWs.  They were part of a collection and after the elderly owner passed away, his collection was liquidated and saw the light of day for the first time in many many years.  I personally used to own this car and have to wonder what the hell I was thinking in letting it go each time that I see it.  I have no doubt in my mind that it is the nicest and most original early Beetle I will have owned in my lifetime.  It's a pure time capsule and there's no doubt about it, early Beetles like this are few and far between.

Some of the remarkable details about the car include being over 90% original paint, unbelievable and thoroughly original interior including mohair headliner, door panels, seat covers, square weave carpet, rubber floor mats, steering wheel, radio, glove box liner, etc., original pan, original transaxle, original engine which was rebuilt just a few years back including a Joe Ruiz "Okrasa" grind cam shaft and a Abarth style 4 pipe muffler, new brake system, new and correct Firestone bias ply tires, all 5 original paint wheels (!!!) which I believe only one original hubcap clip is missing from the whole set (!!!), and best of all, the car has no rust.  As if that weren't already enough to impress you, this Oval has just over 98,000 original miles as well.  It runs and drives as tight and smoothly as you'd expect a very well-cared for survivor to and that is something that pics simply can't communicate.  I've never driven a more cream puff Beetle in my life.

The body is in excellent shape, very clean, and is still displaying over 90% of the original black paint.  The rear fenders, decklid, and outside of the rear apron were resprayed decades ago prior to its hibernation in Australia.  The outer edge of the left front fender also saw a small blend long ago but other than that it seems to be purely original throughout.  As nice as it is, there are some very small imperfections worth mentioning, nothing surprising for a 54 year old survivor.  There are the obvious small stone chips around, tiny parking lot door dings you can see, and one door was hyperextended long ago and bent the metal surrounding the door hinge just slightly.  The door still operates and latches beautifully and most people don't even notice it.  The correct and original European spec blade bumpers are still in great shape, showing some light imperfections, but are still very respectable and original equipment.  The semaphores work beautifully as well.  A pair of very nice original Albert swan neck mirrors were also added for a super cool period correct touch.  The correct flat hood is original down to the witches hats underneath and the original sealing putty on the hood emblem (!!!).  Additionally the original early symmetrically fluted VW and BOSCH logoed European spec headlights are intact and stellar.  All of the glass is correct matching Australian market logoed glass with the exception of the windshield which is brand new.  A set of original accessory popout windows were also added a few years back and are a nice feature.  The original matching logo quarter glass will also come with the car.  The pan is in excellent shape, rock solid, and original paint throughout. 

The interior is one of the nicest originals I've ever seen in an original Oval Window Beetle.  The mohair headliner has only mild age discoloration but is still tight, fully intact, and even fuzzy to this day.  The seat covers are in fact original, unrestored, and people have a hard time believing they are factory since they are so incredible.  The door panels, square weave carpet, rubber floor mats, dash paint, dealer fitted radio with original jewel-tipped antenna, mint original clear needle speedometer, near perfect glove box liner, mint original Right Hand Drive rear view mirror and visor assembly, etc.  Long ago the horn button was relocated to the dash and they also put a Zwitter/Barndoor style push button ignition right next to it.  Essentially there is just enough very mild age-related wear on everything on the car to act as convincing testimony to the car's originality.

Mechanically this Oval is bone stock, matching numbers, and extremely nice.  The 36hp engine was rebuilt just a few years and very low miles ago.  It features all new bearings, new pistons and cylinders, fully rebuilt heads, a performance "Okrasa" grind camshaft, and the vintage flavor of a Abarth style 4 pipe muffler.  It runs beautifully with a tad more power than stock.  The transaxle is still the stock split case and shifts snuggly and smoothly.  Of course the car still has the stock 6 volt system as well.  The brakes were completely rebuilt just a few years ago and the fuel system, axle boots, axle seals, wheels bearings, etc. were all serviced accordingly at that time.  The suspension is mindblowingly on spec as well.  You really need to drive it to feel exactly how nice it is.  The tires are also correct size 5.60-15 Firestone bias plies that were new just a few years back.  They really round out the vintage appeal very nicely and are really the only acceptable choice for such a monster original survivor as this.

The car is enjoyed frequently and is always an impressive and well-appreciated attendee to local South Western USA shows when it gets out.  It most definitely makes a strong impression with enthusiasts and gets endless compliments from the purist following.

When I owned this car people would constantly compliment it with "you did a wonderful job restoring your Beetle."  I'd explain to them that it was a virtually all original unrestored survivor and they'd just gawk in disbelief.  A closer look and they'd see it was absolutely true.  Then when they'd come to the realization that the car is an original Australian Right Hand Drive with working semaphores and vintage Australian registration water transfer decals on the windows that match the license plates on the car, they'd look like they just got struck by lightning.  This is a massively bad ass Beetle with tremendous cool factor.  Don't waste your time restoring one that's had its ass kicked for the last 6 decades, bring home the real deal that is still the pure experience that it's been since 1957!


*Please note that the Roof Rack and Full Circle Horn Ring seen in a couple of the pics are not included in the sale. 

*This car is located near Phoenix, Arizona.

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