SOLD!  1957 Single Cab, Beautiful Original Paint Survivor with just 47,000 Miles!

1957 Single Cab, All Original Survivor with just 47,000 Original Miles!

Plain and simply, this is one of the nicest all original pressed bumper Single Cabs existing in the World today.  No doubt that's a big statement but I'm certain that after you have a close look at the many pictures you will agree.

This incredible 53 year old survivor was originally owned by a handyman in Sturgis, South Dakota and saw obviously minimal and gentle use as his work Truck.  He made a couple minor custom touches including a cool slide out "drawer" inside the treasure chest as well as having added a small piece of thick leather to the corner of the passengers door likely to keep that sharp edge from gouging cars parked alongside it.  He obviously was attentive towards the little details and the incredibly well preserved condition of this Single Cab is testimony to his loving ownership of it.

It features original Dove Blue paint throughout, 47,000 original miles, the original 36hp engine which runs very well as you'd imagine, an NOS original canvas canopy with just one small sun fade "burn" hole, and is bone stock and original down to the original wood bed strips.

The body is in excellent original condition, super dry, very straight, and only has some minor flaws especially when you consider the age and nature of what Single Cabs served as over the years.  There is a small ding down low on the tip of the V, a small wave on the headlight area, a small wave in the drivers door, one of the treasure chest door hinges has an older repair,  and one of the decklid hinges has come loose.  There is surprisingly little rust as well and includes a small spot on the driver's dogleg upper triangle, some light perforation on the passenger's as well,  and the typical drivers rear long panel inner horizontal brace.  All of those issues are clearly visible in the many pictures.  The original Dove Blue paint is very strong, already looks great, and would look phenomenal with a little detail and wax if that suits your taste.  The passenger's rear short panel was repainted long ago likely due to a scrape or something rather superficial.  Additionally all of the body parts are correct and original, Truck pressed bumpers, doors, gates, flat decklid, crankstart apron, etc.  The original glass is also in excellent shape throughout.  Even the original crow's foot wheels are match dated 9/57 and are topped with original Dove Grey commercial hubcaps.  Other impressive correct early details include both fat based mirror arms, the passenger's side likely being a dealer addition as the primer has worn away and is surface rusted now and the correct black commercial pre-1960 thin shaft wiper assemblies. 

The interior is in equally as incredible and preserved a original state.  The uncut original dash and beautiful original black upholstery seat with a small "screwdriver in the back pocket" hole and a small iron-on style patch on one end seam, some vintage handy man paint smudges, but otherwise it looks very nice.  The correct original grey pocketed door panels are in great shape and you'll note the "toe hole" in the drivers side kick panel.  Keep in mind, he was a handy man and was likely wearing work boots so a hole wore through there and at the heel on the otherwise superb original front floor mat.  Overall the interior is an excellent representation of how they are supposed to look.

Mechanically it is in good and fully operational condition having covered just 47,000 miles over the last 53 years.  That works out to an average of under 900 miles of use per year!  Pretty incredible to say the least.  All of the running gear is correct, stock, and original including the 1192cc 36hp engine, split case transaxle, and of course the still 6 volt electrical system.  The tires are fresh and correct Firestone 6.40-15 bias plies and the brakes were recently serviced as necessary to bring them back to spec.  It was also recently treated to a brand new Danish single tip muffler as well.  Other than that it has been well maintained with routine oil changes, valve adjustments, and tuning as necessary.  It was driven all around the Los Angeles area during the VW Classic Weekend events just a few years back and did very well as part of our large early Bus caravan.  Additionally it was a proud participant in the East Coast Middle Seat Appreciation Society Trailbash where it performed flawlessly.  A few quick pumps on the pedal and a half pull on the choke and it starts right up.

This one is truly for the discriminating early Bus enthusiast who loves originality more than anything.  It will without question bring a proud smile to the face of a new purist owner.


*Please note that this Single Cab is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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