SOLD!  1958 15 Window Deluxe Bus, Original Paint Driver!

1958 15 Window Deluxe Bus, Original Paint Driver!

Here's a fairly rare one, a real deal 1958 15 Window in mostly original Sealing Wax Red and Chestnut Brown paint.  This Bus is one of approximately 20 "Pressed Bumper" 15 Windows from 1951 through early 1959 still known to exist Worldwide.  Additionally, it's one of a very small handful of those examples still displaying the original paint.  You can read up a bit on information regarding these special and coveted early 15 Windows as well as have a look at the majority of the other remaining examples in this thread here...

The body is in fair condition, impressively straight, and still displaying the majority of its original paint.  There has been a bit of paint blending done on the nose, battery corner, bumpers, and passenger's door to help keep a consistent appearance.  The pressed bumpers, flat icepick handled doors, flat high hinged cargo doors, thick lipped doglegs, crankstart apron, eyebrow decklid, and high-mounted glass taillights are all correct for the Bus as well.  The nose was replaced many years ago with a proper section and it is an acceptable job.  The battery tray and lower corner were just replaced and blended to match.  The rockers, lower nose valence, front floor sections, and some of the rear cargo floor will require patching and paint blending as well.  With those areas properly repaired this Bus will be that much more remarkable.  Another super cool and rare-for-the-era feature is that this Bus is a factory 6 popout window model.  Keep in mind that this Bus has the long spoon latches and looks awesome with all 6 popouts kicked out in space and cruising!

The interior could use some work but does include front and rear bench seats.  The dash is very nice and still displaying strong original Sealing Wax Red paint.  The original radio block off plate and early Deluxe clock are also in place.  The proper early Deluxe sunvisor with chrome trim is still intact as well.  A proper early front floor mat is also in place.  Personally I'd suggest installing a new mohair headliner, round up a early middle seat, proper tan seat covers and door panels, and things would be looking really good on the inside, too.

Mechanically the Bus is a turnkey driver with a 1600 dual port engine that runs well, a fully synchronized small nut Bus reduction box transaxle, has been converted to 12 volt electrics, and the tires are decent radials on stock 15 inch Bus wheels.  Engine features include a recently new carburetor, Bosch 009 distributor, and a newer Bosch blue coil. 

With a bit of careful welding and blending, a fresh original style interior, and some dialing in, this will be one hell of a cool and rare preserved survivor Bus.  Thanks!


Please note that the early license plate and frame are not included in the sale and this Bus is located in San Jose, California.

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