SOLD!  1958 23 Window Bus, Beautiful Driver!

1958 23 Window Deluxe, Beautiful Driver!


Here's a very cool early 23 Window Deluxe with a neat story behind it.  The Bus was originally sold in Nebraska and shortly thereafter made its way West to Fresno, California where it was used as a promotional vehicle for the KFRE Radio Station, who are still in business today!  It was one of a few early Buses that were in their fleet.  It previously had huge "KFRE Radio News" logos on it that were uncovered during the prep for the exterior repaint.  The radio station sold it to a private party in Fresno who parked it decades ago and it sat untouched in that hot desert climate until a handful of years back when it was discovered by a collector.
Some of the numerous cool features include fresh Sealing Wax Red and Chestnut Brown paint, all 3 rows of early seats, freshly built 36hp engine with a Wolfsburg West Okrasa Kit installed, new Firestone bias ply tires, mostly original sigla logoed glass all around, and a new canvas sunroof cover just for starters.  Many NOS parts are installed as well including both original pressed bumpers, VW stamped single tip muffler, NOS blank 36hp engine case, and a original NOS Deluxe chrome emblem.  Additionally, many of the typically missing and hard to find early parts are present including original deluxe pressed bumper trim, original interior panels including armrests, all aluminum body trim, correct fat base mirror arm, early Motorola radio, beautiful early Deluxe dash clock, both early Deluxe sunvisors, correct early Golde sunroof handle, all 3 early Deluxe coat hooks, original jailbars, Deluxe rear seat bar with correct aluminum end caps, crankstart apron, correct flat decklid with black bulb cover, fully intact and working decklid prop system, correct and original early "K" logoed taillight lenses, and original wheel beauty rings as well.  Very rarely do you find early Deluxes with all of those features still intact.
The body is clean and was recently resprayed in the original colors on the exterior only.  The paint is very presentable but not show quality, I'd quantify it as very respectable for a driver.  The owner's goal was to have a nice Bus that he wasn't afraid to actually drive.  At the time of the repaint the body was stripped to bare metal, the major areas needing rust repair were addressed including the cargo rocker, inner, strengthener, and outer, part of the passengers dogleg, and the whole cargo floor was replaced with a new Klassic Fab unit.  There are still some small areas that could be addressed such as the front floor has some pinholes, the underside of the front nose has some perforation, the passengers front outrigger, and there are a couple very small holes in the belly pans.  Overall I'd say that the Bus is solid and very enjoyable as it is but could have those mentioned areas addressed depending upon your personal tastes.  The body has never seen any accidents, has all of the correct components including bumpers, doors, apron, decklid, doglegs, etc.  The roof is in excellent shape and required no rust repair at all.  Additionally you can see that the battery tray is original and rock solid as well.  All of the window rubber was also replaced at the time of repaint including the front slider window assemblies being completely rebuilt with new felt tracks even.  The dry Fresno climate went a long way to preserving this Bus!
The interior is mostly complete with all 3 rows of early seats, all of the original tan interior panels with the exception of the middle and rear seat kick panels, original Sealing Wax Red paint throughout, and preservation of originality was the name of the game.  The middle and rear seat came from a Palm Green over Sand Green Standard Microbus so they have Soft Green covers but are excellent.  The interior panels show their 52 years but are so cool to see at all.  The cab still has nice and thick Sealing Wax Red paint with an excellent dash complete with correct 70mph speedometer with Deluxe trim ring, an original Motorola "Volumatic" radio, very nice chrome Deluxe ashtray, and the very hard to find early Deluxe dash clock with the winder on the backside.  You'll also notice that both of the early chrome vent wing latches are original as well.  There are lots of cool little details still intact throughout that are frequently long gone on most Deluxes of this era.
Mechanically the Bus is a nice driver with a freshly built 36hp engine using a NOS blank case, Okrasa grind cam, straight cut cam gears, polished crank, NOS VW stamped single tip muffler complete with correct short tip, real NOS Fram oil filter system with braided lines, beautifully powdercoated original German tin, all new hardware, new lifters, heavy duty oil pump, and a CSP carb linkage.  It runs nicely and has a noticeable bit more power than the stock 36hp.  The transaxle is the stock split case/first gear non-synchronized unit and it works well and shifts nicely.  The brakes were completely rebuilt and a new set of Firestone 6.40-15 bias ply tires were mounted on the fresh Chestnut Brown 15 inch Bus wheels.  The electrical system is still 6 volts as well. 
This is an excellent opportunity to get a very respectable and impressive pressed bumper 23 Window that isn't too nice to drive and enjoy.  Thanks!


*Please note that this early Deluxe is located in San Diego, California. 

**The Nebraska License Plate, Plate Frame, and Accessory License Light are not included in the sale.

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