1958 Ambulance Bus!

1958 Volkswagen Ambulance, Slammed, Cool Style, and Complete!

Here is a very respectable and clean 1958 Volkswagen Ambulance Bus.  Most times that you see an early Ambulance, they are missing most if not all of the original equipment and interior.  Not this one!  It's got the original interior, medical equipment, doctor's examination chair, stretcher, ambulance fan, sliding glass cab divider, ambulance side step, siren, blue roof light, red cross light, emergency Bus flashers, frosted glass, canvas cargo door canopy, etc.! 

The list of cool features on this one is very long and includes safari windows, slammed stance via a 5 inch narrowed beam with dropped spindles and adjusters, straight axle rear, fresh 1776cc dual carbed engine with a very spendy A1 ceramic coated exhaust system, new EMPI style Sprint Star wheels with new low profile tires, cab assist steps, spotlight mirror, and the Bus is a rare factory 6 popout model with the correct long spoon latches, too.  

The body is in good condition and saw a respectable driver quality respray a few years back.  It is the correct original Ivory color, too.  This is not a top show paint quality job but is definitely nice enough to be very proud of.  The necessary welding was done and the Bus is super solid.  There are some tiny rust pimples showing above the rear hatch, nothing major, but just wanted that to be known.  All of the doors, doglegs, wheel wells, eyebrowed decklid, pressed bumpers, and crank start apron are correct for the Bus.  The rear "oven door" hatch is also correct and in very good shape.  The undercarriage is in very solid shape, is very sterile, and was cleanly painted so it this Bus even looks great on the underside.

The interior is in very nice and presentable condition.  It is very complete as previously mentioned and the front bench seat, doctor's examination chair, and the jumpseat were all nicely reupholstered in the correct black material.  The cab panels are believed to be the originals and really look nice for their age.  Other details to note include the original sigla glass ambulance divider, original headlining, correct frosted glass for privacy, jailbars, and the "call buzzers" work, too!

Mechanically the Bus features a fresh 1776cc engine with dual carbs and a beautiful A1 ceramic coated exhaust system.  The transaxle has a straight axle kit and a 3.88 ring and pinion for driveability, too.  The wiring harness is also brand new and all electricals work including the roof lights, siren, and the call buzzers in the passenger's area.  The front beam is narrowed 5 inches, has dropped spindles, and adjusters, too.  The wheels are new EMPI style Sprint Stars with new low profile tires as well.  The Bus runs and drives nicely and was just driven to the OCTO show in Long Beach last weekend.

This Bus really has a lot to offer as far as rarity, completeness, condition, accessories, and custom features as well.  You'd have a very hard time duplicating an Ambulance of this caliber and with this list of features for less.  Thanks!


Please note that the Roof Rack, Ladder, and License Plates and Frames are not included in the sale.

This Bus is located in Orange County, California.

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