SOLD!  1958 Binz Crew Cab #148, One Of The World's Best!

1958 Binz Crew Cab #148, Faithfully Restored, One of the World's Best!

Here is a very nicely and accurately restored Binz Crew Cab that is certainly among the nicest examples in existence.  This March, 1958 is number 10 on the list of 28 Binzs known to still exist today.  This gorgeous Truck was completely bare metaled, rotisseried, and was built from a purists perspective with correct original and many NOS parts.

This restoration displays the specialized talents of several well-respected members of the Vintage VW community including Mark Rafferty (body,welding, much more), Rick Clark (match dated engine component restoration), Joe Ruiz (36hp engine longblock building), Glenn Ring (distributor restoration), Wolfgang International (steering box rebuild), and Wiring Werks (wiring harness), among others.

All of the critical "Binz-specific" items are present and original including the ID tag, suicide third door with door pull handle, Truck gates, bulk head, early rear seat, rear seat hold downs and wingnuts, rear view mirror, and all original sekurit logoed glass including the long Binz side windows with the exception of the safari window glass.

Some of the many features include a "now slightly used" NOS original hoops (now powdercoated) and canvas, restored factory safari windows with original-to-the-Truck disconnects, fully rebuilt stock running gear, and a laundry list of NOS parts including:

~Pressed Bumpers and Brackets Front and Rear
~Driver's Side Long Wall for Single Cab
~Doglegs, Both, Thin Lip converted to Fat Lip
~70mph Clear Needle Speedometer
~Taillight Housings and Chrome Rings, Screw Type, with NOS Replacement Lenses
~Bullet Turn Signal Assemblies
~Horn Button
~Inner Door Latch Mechanisms
~Turn Signal Switch, 6 Wire Type
~Link Pin Set
~Beam Bushings, All 8
~Wheel Bearings Front and Rear
~Muffler, Single Tip, VW Stamped, a few dings but NOS
~Transaxle Mainshaft, Gears, and Bearings

Have a look at the 91 pics on my site at as well as the build page on Mark Rafferty's site at to see the work performed and exactly how nice this Coachbuilt Binz Crew Cab is!

The body is in very nice shape after a thorough disassembly, media blasting to bare metal, and skilled body and welding work by Mark Rafferty.  The paint is very nicely done in Sikkens 2 stage Dove Blue with a single stage flat grey on the underside and inside the engine compartment.  There are some stone chips and imperfections around as the Truck has been driven just under 13,000 miles since completion.  Additionally there is a bit of "solvent pop" on the cargo door and a small area on the topside of the bed where the paint is lifting (not rust) likely due to some contamination in the primer.  All black parts were blasted and powdercoated in satin black including engine tin, front beam, steering box, and the seat frames as well.  The body components are correct including gates, doors, wheel wells, doglegs (modified NOS thin lip to thick lip), pressed bumpers including rear Truck bumper, flat decklid, crankstart apron, etc.  Other details include custom extruded Binz side window rubbers (originals are also included) and custom shaved side gate bumpers that match the originals as well.

The interior has also been very faithfully restored with fresh upholstery in very close-to-original grain and texture black vinyl, Wolfsburg West reproduction paneling with proper front door panels with pockets, new Wolfsburg West floor mats, NOS interior door handles and escutcheons, and the previously mentioned NOS 70mph clear needle speedometer as well.  The dash is in excellent shape and has a radio block off plate in place, too.  Overall it is super clean and extremely faithful to original.

Mechanically this Binz has been very accurately restored to original and features a 1192cc 36hp engine, split case reduction box transaxle, and of course is still 6 volt as well.  When the Truck was discovered back in 2001 it still had the original engine and transaxle in it but unfortunately the cases were corroded and unusable, the original block will be included in the sale.  A blank 36hp case was sourced and the original engine number was stamped in it.  Early engine specialist Joe Ruiz recently built the longblock that now has approximately 400 miles on it, 300 of which was a recent round trip to the No Dough Bus Show in Florida.  The generator and voltage regulator are match-dated for the Truck and were restored by Rick Clark.  Additionally the original distributor was restored by distributor specialist, Glenn Ring.  The fuel pump is technically incorrect as it is a later/replacement style pump.  A proper split case transaxle was also built using a NOS main shaft, NOS gears, NOS bearings, and new reduction box bearings as well.  It works beautifully and is quiet and smooth like new.  All of the cables are also new including heater, choke, accelerator, and clutch.  Everything works including the heat.  The entire braking system was also rebuilt with new components and new lines, too.  The tires are proper Firestone 6.40-15 bias plies and are mounted on stock Silver White 15 inch slotted Bus wheels and topped with grey commercial hubcaps.  The mileage on the odometer, now showing 12,923, is the accurate mileage since the completion of the restoration with under 400 miles on the engine.  This Truck is fully ready for action with a new owner.

This is your chance to own what is possibly the best of the few truly nice examples of a legendary Binz Crew Cab in the World!


Please note that this beautiful Binz is located in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Brendan Finn (858)366-2549

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