1958 Texas Style Panel!

1958 Panel Bus, Texas Looker from the 1970's! 
Here we have a serious blast from the past, a genuine 1970's style "Texas Looker" 1958 Panel Bus.  Jersey was famous for the 1970's Van Craze but as you can clearly see, Texas had their heavyweight contenders, too.  This Bus is very dry and solid and is very well intact from the era during which it was built. 

Some of the many features include the vintage Buick wheels, original front pressed bumper, correct flat decklid, bullet turnsignals, early thin shaft wipers, original thick lipped doglegs, era appropriate plush door panels with VW logos, good running 1500 single port engine, full synchro transaxle, and much more. 

The body is not without some issues but is likely to impress you with how solid and dry it is.  You can really see how nice the hot climate of Texas was to the undercarriage.  The cool American Flag paint scheme was applied decades ago and while it has some flakiness and imperfections, it still displays nicely enough to maintain with some light touchups.  There is some evidence of filler on the right side of the nose, some blisters and peeling paint down low, and there are some blisters in the paint on the cargo rocker but it seems to be solid.  The front floor corners have some minor perforation and a previous paranoid owner put huge patches on top of the floors.  You can see from underneath that the problems are very small in comparison to the size of the patches.  There is also a large patch of the cargo floor that was cut out and a piece of corrugated steel is now in place.  The cross members, outriggers, jack points, inner rockers, doglegs, and inner wheel wells are all well above average and very impressive.

The interior is fairly clean with most of the factory grey paint still showing in the cargo area.  The dash is pretty clean with a slightly enlarged radio hole, a correct but non-working 70mph clear needle speedometer, and the front bench seat has newer and era-appropriate plush upholstery, too.  There is also a set of matching  kick panels, roof panels, and front cab door panels with "VW" on them as well. 

Mechanically the Bus is fully turnkey, starts right up, revs crisply, and it runs, drives, and stops.  I would suggest that the Bus see a thorough servicing due to the long hibernation prior to its recent discovery.  The shifter is a bit sloppy but the fully synchronized transaxle finds all gears and does not jump out of gear. 

I feel that the Bus could go in a few different directions from it's current identity...

1.  Maintain it as the genuine 1970's looker it is.  Add a shotgun rack, some squirrel pelts, put on a Barry White 8 track, and hop in the back and make a baby.

2.  Repair the wheel wells, swap on a set of stock 15" Bus wheels, blend the paint as needed, and put a correct rear bumper on it.  This way you'd still be in the spirit of the Texas style but a bit more palatable for a guy who appreciates a stock configuration Bus.

3.  A full restoration.  It needs some obvious welding but is solid and straight enough that it would be a great candidate for this option.  Thanks!


Please note that this 1958 Panel Bus is located in the state of Michigan.

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