1958 Westfalia Camper!

1958 Westfalia Camper, Very Special Camper Bus!

Those of you who are big fans of early Westfalia Camper Buses recognize that their desirability and popularity has been on a remarkable rise for decades now.  Many Westfalia experts have voiced their beliefs that 1958 and earlier pressed bumper examples can easily surpass 23 Window Deluxes as far as difficulty to restore to a high standard due to their low production numbers, very small number of examples still existing, a near total lack of reproduction parts, and original parts can be very difficult to find and very costly when they do surface.  I periodically get calls and emails from guys who are seeking original parts for their early generation Westys and my response is always the same, a shrug of the shoulders, a chuckle, and wishing them luck!  "Good luck, I don't know where the hell you might find that stuff these days!"

Without a doubt, building a high quality example, while utilizing as many original components as possible, is a huge and very expensive undertaking no matter whether you do any of the work yourself or if you have it professionally done, such as this Westfalia has received.

This beautiful 1958 is very near the finish line, not to sound cliché but those of you who recognize the process will see that the hardest and most expensive heavy lifting has already been completed.  This is a fully driving restored body, all new mechanicals, a nearly complete and unrestored original 1958 Westfalia interior is included, and a period appropriate propane fridge and excellent reproduction 1958 Westfalia FRONT AND REAR roof racks can also be added to the package at additional cost.  Please contact for more specifics regarding those items.

The body was well above average from the start, much drier than most, and it was given the full professional bare metal/rotisserie treatment.  It is very nicely painted in the original colors of L311/L312 Palm Green over Sand Green.  Even the underside was given the full treatment and is more detailed than when it left the factory.  Extra care was taken to match the precise color and sheen of the factory grey on the underside and inside the cargo area, too.  For seriously interested parties, I can send a link to over 500 photos that very clearly document the restoration process.

The interior is mostly complete, very original, is unrestored, and has yet to be installed.  It will need refinishing in order to match the beauty of the rest of the Bus.  The restoration process was approached in a fashion that the body/paint/mechanical restoration shop would act as "Volkswagen", painting the interior in the flat grey, the way it left the factory, as a Kombi.  The shop that would do the interior would act as "Westfalia", brushing the tan paint in the cargo area the way Westfalia originally did, refinishing the wood, and installing it all once done.  A brand new set of correct grey pressed board cab panels is also included in the sale.

Mechanically the Bus is fully turnkey and features several quality mechanical upgrades.  The engine is a very nice and detailed 1914cc built from all new components including dual carbs and an A1 Sidewinder exhaust.  It has plenty of power and pulls nicely.  The transaxle was upgraded for modern drivability to a later fully synchronized unit which also better matches the bigger engine, too.  A brand new wiring harness was also installed, it's been converted to 12 volt, and an oversized set of knobby radial tires were installed.  This Bus was built to drive, camp in, and to see unpaved roads as well!

This is your chance to own a rare, highly desirable, and gorgeous pressed bumper Westfalia at a tremendous savings compared to the cost to bring it this far.  It could be said that the most enjoyable and easiest part, the refinishing and installation of the interior, is most of what is left to do.  The current owner is the one who went through the pain and expense to bring it this far, you can be the guy to bring it across the goal line!

We have over 500 detailed pics of the restoration process, loads of current pics, loads of interior pics, and further details to discuss regarding the propane fridge and roof racks options, so please contact if you are serious.  Thanks!


Please note this 1958 Westfalia is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Please visit my website for the full album of photos of this Camper, more interesting Vintage VW's, Classic Cars, and Parts for sale.

Brendan Finn (858)366-2549 http://www.holygrailgarage.com brendanfinn666@yahoo.com

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