1958 Westy Campingbox!

1958 Westfalia Camping Box, Original Paint Palm Green over Sand Green!

This early Westfalia is one of the nicest unrestored original paint pressed bumper Westy's in the World.  The number of nice survivors is very low and this is believed to be the best of the surviving original paint examples.  Without question it is certain to be a standout in any serious Bus collector's stable.

Some of the cool and interesting features include the strong original Palm Green over Sand Green paint, Lenny Copp reupholstered front seat in correct black vinyl material, very straight and dry body, comes with a BBT reproduction grey and yellow awning and reproduction poles, red propane tank for stove, stock rebuilt 1958 dated 36hp engine and splitcase transmission, and the very nice original Campingbox interior with repadded original uber rare 1958 Westy camping cushions.

The body is in great original condition, super straight, only minor dents, dings, and the obvious stone chips, etc.  It is extremely dry with no rust to mention and the undercarriage will surprise you with how clean and dry it is.  For those of you who might be wondering why it lacks the pinstripe, well, Westfalia received the early Buses as Kombis and painted them themselves, hence the black front seat, grey pressboard panels in the cab, etc.  The paint is very thick, has a great mild patina look, and holds a great shine as well.  Even the 15 inch Bus wheels are wearing original paint!  All of the doors, thick lipped doglegs, engine lid, crankstart apron, pressed bumpers, etc. are correct for the Bus.  Additionally, for those of you who might be under the impression that the "eyebrow" decklid is incorrect, in fact later 1958's featured this decklid and it is correct and original to the Bus.  You'd
be very hard pressed to find a nicer unrestored Campingbox body than this! 

Mechanically the Bus is fully turnkey and ready to enjoy.  Aside from the previously mentioned rebuilt engine and good shifting split case transaxle, it retains a stock 6 volt electrical system.  The brakes were completely rebuilt a couple years ago and it also received a full set of 5 new Firestone 6.40-15 bias ply tires at that time. 

This is clearly a window of opportunity to land an extremely well-preserved, special, significant, and desirable early Westfalia.  If I sound excited, it's for good reason, this Bus is a serious heavyweight and it draws a healthy dose of well-deserved respect from knowledgeable early Bus enthusiasts.  Thanks!


Please note that this early Westfalia is located in Central California and the License Plates and Frames are not included in the sale.

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