1959 Mango Standard Sunr

1959 Mango Green Standard Sunroof Walkthru Microbus, Mostly Original Paint!

This Bus left the factory in January of 1959 as a Mango Green and Seagull Grey Walkthru Standard Microbus and was delivered to San Francisco.  Quite a few years back It was discovered in Salinas, California by a seasoned Bus collector.  The old ladies who owned it at the time had parked it years earlier under a pine tree to "protect" it but unfortunately the pine needles collected in the rain gutters and caused the roof to rust around the perimeter.  Being that the roof needed repairing, the current collector owner saw this as an excellent opportunity to build this Bus into his fantasy, a Bus that truly could have been ordered through his local dealership in August of 1958 (the very beginning of the 1959 model year production), and he had an original sunroof standard roof (yes, with the skylight pressings) professionally installed as well as moving the taillights to the earlier high position, a set of belly pans were installed, and the addition of a pair of genuine pressed bumpers.  The Bus is vastly original paint with the exception of the roof and some lower areas that were repaired and paint blended, too.  The condition overall is very good and it is believed that the 32,000 miles currently showing on the odometer could indeed be the original mileage due to the lack of real "wear clues" that would be present with 132,000+ miles of life.  There is no documentation regarding the mileage though so decide for yourself.

Some of the many cool features of this Bus include genuine pressed bumpers (the front is NOS and still has the part number decal on the backside), bullet turn signals, glass taillights, straight shifter, crankstart apron and breast tin (crankstart nut is missing), 36hp engine, split case transaxle, all 3 rows of seats including a very nice original upholstery 2/3rds seat which was imported from Austria, and much more!  Another interesting detail to note is that this Bus originally had Caramel snowflake kick panels which are long gone now but a very rare feature that was original to this Bus.

The body is in good condition with the large majority of the original paint still showing and in relatively strong condition.  There was some localized rust repair and paint blending done including the cargo door outer skins, the typical dogleg triangles, and some areas above the headlights that were bubbling that have been fixed and are now virtually undetectable.  The front floors are solid and original as are the rear corners and battery trays.  The cargo floor is phenomenal and like new showing factory overspray, too.  The passenger side rocker could stand to get some attention at some point along with the rear cargo door and passenger side front door.  The owner chose not to address those as he wanted to limit the amount of fresh paint on the Bus.  The nose is very straight but there are some minor dings and scrapes that you'd expect to see on a now 54 year old unrestored Bus.  Other details to note include that all of the glass is correct Sigla with the exception of the stationary door glass which are Sekurit and the windshields which are matching logo Delog.  The window seals have been replaced with Wolfsburg West seals and the sunroof mechanism is a new unit from

Interior-wise, all of the panels are in good condition, especially considering the age of the Bus.  The upholstery on the middle and rear seats is original and in great condition.  The Bus originally had a full length middle seat but the owner opted to have the short seat plates installed so he could run that rare original short Caramel middle seat.  The Bus is setup to run either a short or long middle seat now.  The front seats have been restitched and the driver's seat has been recovered with upholstery from a middle seat.  There are some spots where the upholstery guy used "other than VW" material to make repairs; slightly disappointing, but this is the way it was often done over the years to keep seats together.  That detail is easy to overlook considering the condition of the rest of the upholstery and interior!  An original style headliner was stitched up and the owner installed it himself and it's "not quite up to expert standards".  It could use some final tightening to be all it can be.  The interior sunroof cover is an easy fix and the owner has the correct screws to finalize the installation and button the cover up properly, too.

Mechanically the Bus is bone stock with a good running 36hp engine, split case transaxle, stock beam, original 6 volt electrics, all wheel cylinders were new 3 years ago, correct 15 inch wheels repainted 2 years ago, and a recent set of proper 6.40-15 bias ply Firestone tires that have about 2500 miles on them. 

Option are included as showing including Mango Ambulance Fans (untested and not hooked up) and a Happich Accessory Dash Handle, too.


Please note that this super cool Bus is located in Pennsylvania.

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