SOLD!  1959 Porsche 356A Coupe, California Car!

1959 Porsche 356 A Coupe, Clean California Car!

This little 356 A has spent more than the last 30 years here in sunny San Diego, California and has had just one owner in that time.  He purchased the car locally back in 1980 and enjoyed it regularly up until approximately one year ago when he suspected the clutch/pressure plate started to go as it wouldn't shift without a little crunching from gear to gear.  Not wanting to harm the car he parked it and it has sat since so it will require a little loving revival work to get it back up to speed.  It's a good looking car, certainly not a virgin, but it could be back on the road turning heads with just a little effort.

The body is presentable and is currently wearing a 25 year old driver class respray.  Years earlier the car had been bonked in the nose wrinkling the front clip and spare tire well.  They ironed it back out fairly well but still used a good amount of filler getting things smooth again.  It was more of a functional repair and certainly could be refinished to a higher standard at some point in the future.  The rest of the body also has some of the typical skims of filler but it still looks tidy enough to get compliments.  The body gaps are decent with the driver's door being the worst of them although it still shuts very cleanly with no sagging.  The hood looks to never have been kinked and is very nice as well.  The single grill decklid is also nice and has good gaps, too.  The bumpers are both older reproduction fiberglass blades.  The rust I noticed was mainly in both longitudinals as well as a bit in the outer edges of the floor pans.  The 78 pics I have posted on my site should give a clear idea of the extent of it.  Overall the car looks good enough to enjoy as a driver for a long while to come and deal with the rust and body issues at later time.

The interior is very clean and presentable having been completely refreshed just a handful of years ago with new seat covers, door panels, headliner, and a full carpet kit.  It is all still in good shape, comfortable, and respectable for sure.  The original steering wheel is in nice shape with the correct horn ring and nice but not mint Porsche crest button still intact.  The rear view mirror is incorrect and I believe out of a later model Beetle.  Additionally, many years ago a set of lap belts were added.  The 356 A model owners manual pictured will also be included in the sale.

Mechanically the car will require a little revival and tender loving care.  As mentioned previously it has been sitting and is NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING.  The brakes still hold pressure but they are dragging a bit so they will obviously require some attention.  The tires hold air but are older and should be replaced due to their age as well.  The engine had a pair of Weber carbs swapped on many years back and the car was converted to 12 volts long ago but is otherwise stock to the best of our knowledge. 

This is a very affordable and easy project car that a new owner can spend a little time on and return to the road to enjoy as a cool and presentable early driver.  Thanks!


*Please note that this 356 A is located in San Diego, California.

Please visit my website at to see to full album of 78 pics of this Porsche as well as interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, and Parts for sale.

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