SOLD 1960 23 Window!

1960 23 Window Deluxe Sunroof Microbus, Mostly Restored!

Here is a very pretty and fresh early 23 Window Bus that has the finish line in sight.  A tremendous amount of skilled man hours and thousands of dollars have been spent to bring this beauty to the point you see here.  It is very clean, super stock, and very near completion.  The interior is about all that is left to do before this highly collectible Bus is truly "done".  

Some of the many features include being a factory original 23 Window Sunroof Deluxe, exceptionally clean fresh paint in the original colors of Sealing Wax Red and Light Beige Grey, all 3 correct original seats including the very-hard-to-find early Deluxe middle with the ribbed white grab bars, a freshly rebuilt and very faithful-to-original stale air 40hp engine dressed in era-correct "Bastard 40hp" parts, new wiring harness, freshly polished Deluxe aluminum trim, excellent reproduction Deluxe wheel trim rings, and a brand new set of proper 6.40-15 Firestone bias ply tires, too.  Many of the critical details where most early 23 restorations fall short are present and correct on this Bus!  Those often ignored details such as correct middle and rear seats, rocker spears, bumper trim, Deluxe vent trim, and trim rings are here and correct just to name a few.

The paint finish is very pretty and done to a higher standard than most early Deluxes you will see.  All of the rust was cut out, fresh metal welded in where necessary, and the body was blocked out to a "straighter-than-factory" standard as you can see from the mirror-like reflection of the driver's side long panel.  All of the sheet metal is correct for the Bus including front doors, high hinged cargo doors, thick lipped doglegs, flat wheel wells, church key decklid and apron, and the slash end bumpers with correct Deluxe trim, too.  The belly pans were also replaced and the underside of the Bus is plenty clean, too.  All of the glass is also present and included in the sale.  

The interior will need finishing but has most of the critical and difficult-to-locate parts including the previously mentioned original early Deluxe seats, rear Deluxe luggage bar, coat hooks, polished original jailbars, and correct short spoon popout latches as well.  The dash is extremely nice and proper with an excellent 70mph clear needle speedometer, radio block off plate, the original early Deluxe clock with the winder on the backside which has been cosmetically restored but is not working as the internals were too far gone to return to service.  The sunroof assembly was completely rebuilt and also features the correct early Golde handle.

Mechanically the Bus is very stock and features the previously mentioned stale air 40hp engine that is all decked out with the cool and generationally-correct "Bastard 40hp" parts which include the early air cleaner, smooth generator stand, fuel pump with the upward pointing spout, carb with the cast in inlet, cylinder tin with the raised rectangular pressings near the cylinder numbers, cast iron distributor, early stale air 40hp fan shroud, and so on.  The transaxle has been refreshed and is a correct full synchro unit, too.  The wheels are correct Silver White painted 15 inch Bus wheels and they have brand new Firestone 6.40 bias ply tires mounted on them and are topped with proper trim rings and painted logo chrome hubcaps.  

This Bus is very near completion and will be worth a fair chunk more once it is.  You could very easily spend more than this price to bring another as far along as this one is right now.  Pics of all phases from the beginning all the way through can be provided to serious buyers.  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in Rochester, New York.  

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