SOLD!  1960 Crew Cab, Early Seamed Gates, Very Respectable California Truck!

1960 Crew Cab, Early Seamed Gates, Very Respectable Original California Truck!

Here is a super respectable early production 1960 Crew Cab with factory seamed side gates.  The earliest production Crew Cabs made by Volkswagen utilized what were formerly Single Cab side gates that were shortened at the factory for use on their new Double Cabs.  That vertical seam in the dead center of the gate earned them their appropriate namesake and is a cool feature that sets them apart from later examples. 

This beautiful example is an impressive Californian survivor featuring an older one time respray in the original L345 Light Grey, early California Blue Commercial license plates, low miles on the rebuilt 1600 dual port engine, recent Firestone radial tires, original early industrial roof rack, original side step accessory, working Blaupunkt radio, bullet turn signals, glass taillights, icepick door handles, proper doors, decklid, rear apron, slash cut bumpers, and a very impressively dry undercarriage among so many other details.  This is most definitely a early Truck to be proud of.

The body is in impressive shape, very straight, unmolested, and has a very presentable coat of the original Light Grey color.  There is a bit of localized rust in the normal fashion on both rockers, a couple blisters on the doglegs, a few tiny pinholes in the front floor, and a couple tiny spots on the rear cargo floor.  The undercarriage is very impressive and super dry as you can see from the pics.  The truck bed is in excellent shape, very straight, dry, and even has the original bed wood slats still intact!  Additionally the gates are very impressive, clean, and far above average for a 50 year old Commercial Truck.  A little further detailing could easily bring this Crew Cab to the next level and make it that much more impressive.

The interior is very presentable, clean, and maintains a stock appearance and details.  The inside was resprayed at the same time as the outside and looks nice.  The dash is very clean, unhacked, and has the previously mentioned dealer optioned Blaupunkt radio that works!  The original floor mats are in great shape and a peek underneath shows exceptionally clean and solid original floors.  You can see the previously mentioned pinholes in the front floor and the tiny spots of rust in the rear floor as well.  The seats are both recovered in a very similar to original light grey material and are clean and presentable.  Additionally the rear crew cab seat and seat stand are in very nice shape and a peek underneath shows a very clean floor where many have collected water and rotted away.  The panels are nice reproductions and look good as well.

Mechanically this Truck is ready to enjoy with low miles on a rebuilt 1600 dual port engine, stock reduction box transaxle that works well, the brakes were rebuilt not long ago, the electrical system has been converted to 12 volts, and the tires are recently new Firestone radials with great tread.  They are mounted on the original set of 15 inch Bus wheels and topped with a repainted set of original hubcaps.  Personally I'd eventually respray the caps in the proper grey, paint the logos the proper Silver White, and down the road get a set of Firestone 6.40-15 bias plies on it and have one hell of a kick ass early Crew Cab. 

Early Crew Cabs in this condition don't come along often.  This is a great opportunity to land a very respectable and enjoyable example in far better shape than the majority you'll see.  Thanks!


Please note this early Crew Cab is located in San Jose, California.

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