1960 Kombi, OG Paint!

1960 Kombi, Original Dove Blue Paint, Cool Patina Bus!

This stylish early 1960 Kombi was recently awoken after being off the road for decades.  It has been extensively revived, cleaned up, polished, properly lowered, and is ready for fun or bring it to the next level depending upon your personal taste.

The body is impressively straight, has an awesome natural fade on the original L31 Dove Blue paint, and has all of the correct doors, doglegs, decklid, apron, slash cut bumpers, etc.  Obviously there is rust including the rockers, cargo door bottoms, doglegs, front floor corners, lower rear corners, edges of cargo floor, inner decklid structure, lower nose inner valance, and at the jackpoints.  The extensive album of 83 pics on my website at document it very well.  Out West, many of us would continue to drive the Bus just the way it is.  Depending upon your personal taste and local requirements, the Bus could see localized welding and paint blending but certainly should be preserved rather than restored as it has survived so well over the last 54 years.  Details to note include the icepick handled cab doors, thick lipped doglegs, original flat wheel wells, outie vents, high hinge cargo doors with original hinge covers, bullet turnsignals, and original glass taillights.

The interior has several highlights including the very nice original paint dash with the radio blockoff plate still in place, excellent original grey commercial pressed board panels in the cab, and there is a cool set of wood panels in the cargo area that have been there for a very long time, too.  Even the original black commercial vent wing window latches are still intact.  Other details to note include the nice original front floor mat, original 70mph speedometer, original ribbed chrome door handles with original black commercial bakelite escutcheons, grey commercial sunvisors, and the correct short spoon latches on the popout windows, too.  The bulkhead wall was previously removed and a good original paint bulkhead has now been installed.

Mechanically the Bus has been extensively revived with a good running and clean 1600 single port engine, rebuilt long axle transmission with a straight axle kit on it, new brakes all around, freshly powdercoated 1960 dated 15 inch Bus wheels with low profile tires, and new shocks, too.  Additionally the gas tank was cleaned and painted, the electrical was converted to 12 volts, and a spendy new Optima battery was installed as well.

A whole lot of cool patina Kombi for the money.  Thanks!


Please note this Bus is located in Tempe, Arizona.

Please visit my website at to see the full album of pics of this Bus, more interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, Holy Grail Garage Gear, and Parts for sale.

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