Sold!  1960 Porsche 356B Cabriolet, Driver!

1960 Porsche 356B Cabriolet, Clean Driver!

Here we have a presentable driver class 1960 Porsche 356B Cabriolet that is a great one to drive and enjoy as it is or a good base car for an eventual restoration.  It was refreshed in the typical fashion many years ago with a full repaint, new seat covers, new carpeting, a new canvas convertible top, updated dual Weber carburetors, 12 volt electrical conversion, and mechanical servicing as necessary.  The current owner has owned it since the 1970's and has enjoyed it sparingly in that time having only driven it approximately 700 miles in the last 9 years.  Over $2,000 was just spent on servicing to get it back up to speed and roadworthy again as well.

The body has decent presentation with the older black repaint but is showing some signs of wear on the paint including some blisters pushing up on the front edge of the hood and the surrounding nose area next to it.  You can see some ugly body work on the inner nose near the hood catch as well.  There are some skims of filler on the lower rear corners and the rear exhaust recesses, too.  Nothing offensive but something to mention.  The lower door gaps are larger than the vertical door gaps which leads us to think that the rockers may have been replaced and poorly fitted when they were done.  The paint looks good for a driver but has imperfections, stone chips, and some small scratches as it is older and has been driven over the years.  The floors, longitudinals, and jacking points have some typical rust in the normal spots. The chrome was all redone many years ago and is flaky, surface rusted, and tired in many spots.  It could easily clean up a bit with some chrome polish and would be fine if you intend to enjoy the car as it currently is.  The more than 100 pics on my site will give you a great idea as to the condition and appearance of this Convertible.

The interior is clean, presentable, comfortable, and saw the previously mentioned refreshing many years ago with the seat covers, carpeting, redone door panels, recovered dash pad, etc.  It is decent and respectable for a driver class car.

Mechanically we believe it likely has the original 1600 engine that runs well and just saw a good amount of servicing with an oil change and tuning to get it running well again after having been in relative hibernation for the better part of the last decade.  The carburetors were updated to a set of dual Webers long ago like many you'll see.  It does leak a little bit of oil as you can see from the underside of the sump pics.  The brakes were also serviced as necessary in the recent $2,000 servicing.  The tires are Dunlop radials with near perfect tread but they have manufacture dates of 2002.  It runs, drives, and stops well and has made several recent freeway trips without incident.

Please call for more details.  Thanks!


Please note that this Porsche is located in La Jolla, California.

Please visit my website at to see the full album of over 100 pics of this Cabriolet, interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, and Parts for sale.

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