1960 SO23 Westy!

1960 Mango Green and Seagull Grey Westfalia SO23 Hatchtop Camper Bus, Cool and Respectable Driver

Here is an interesting early Westy that will be appealing to those of you who want a neat Camper that is respectable enough to be proud of but not too nice to relax and enjoy regularly.  Interestingly the Bus has a exportation code on the M tag showing it was originally delivered to the country of Turkey!  At some point, likely long ago, it made its way to North America.  It was recently discovered in a garage in Michigan where it had been stored for many years.  The current owner gave it a bit of love, cleaned it up, revived it with a new Interstate battery, some tuning, a bit of brake work, and here it is, running again!

Some of the many cool features of this Bus include an older one time repaint in the original factory colors of Mango Green and Seagull Grey, a stock stale air 40hp engine, being a desirable factory 6 popout window model with the long spoon style latches, it comes with excellent new reproduction yellow plaid upholstery (7 yards!), curtains, curtain bungees, and a new side awning from BBT in Belgium, an excellent original plexiglass bread box, original child's cot (no poles, however), original cargo netting for rear roof, all curtain rods, original water pump and tank (both need work), original hose and spray nozzle, wash basin, complete original ice box with ice bucket, original clam shell lights, and much more.

The body is in fairly impressive condition, especially for the part of the country it has lived in.  The nose is excellent and the rest of the body is generally straight as well.  There is some rust around including the front cross member, an outrigger, and a couple small spots on a couple jacking points, too.  The long rocker has some blisters pushing up and a few small holes but doesn't look too bad.  The cargo rocker was replaced fairly well long ago and is probably fine to hang in there as it is with some paint blending.  The front floor is impressively solid with some paint peeling and surface rust but definitely strong enough to enjoy as it is.  The extensive pics on my website will document the condition very well.  Other details to note are that it has the correct doors, thick lipped doglegs, flat wheel wells, outie vents, bullet turn signals, round taillights, church key decklid, apron, and slash end bumpers, too.

The interior is also in pretty nice condition with many original details still intact.  Obviously the rear cushions were recovered at some point and truthfully don't look too bad as they are.  The best news there is that you'll get 7 yards of excellent and very faithful-to-original yellow plaid upholstery to restore them with if and when you decide to.  Other details to note are the cleanly recovered front bench seat, nice uncut original dash with radio block off plate in place, clear needle 70mph speedo, very nice original grey pressed board cab panels with original pocketed door panels, clean original front floor mat, and the original "elephant's trunk" water tank filler is still intact, too.

Mechanically the Bus is a driver with a very stock setup of a stale air 40hp engine, original fully synchronized transaxle, 6 volt electrical system, and good white striped radial tires mounted on stock 15 inch Bus wheels.  The Bus was revived with a fresh Interstate battery, a new master cylinder, new wheel cylinders as needed, and some basic tuning to get it to run smoothly after the long storage.  As with any old car that has been off the road for a very long time, it would be a good idea to go through a few more things before taking it on a long trip.

The Bus certainly could be brought to the next level at some point with some localized welding and paint blending as necessary, a bit more detailing, a bit of tuning, refresh some rubber seals, and eventually reupholster the seat cushions, too.  The beauty is that nothing is really urgent and you could take your time dialing it in a bit from where it currently is.  Thanks!


Please note that this Bus is located in the state of Michigan.

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