1960 SO23 Westy Project!

1960 Westfalia SO23 Camper Bus Project In Original Mango Green and Seagull Grey Paint!


Here's a cool and interesting early Westfalia Camper Bus that needs a lot of love.  It is ratty, rusty, missing parts, and does not run or drive. It will need a skilled and resourceful enthusiast who is willing to put in some work and time to bring it to a solid condition and get it back on the road.  It is a desirable early Westy in original paint so it is more than worth the effort!

The body is rusty down low and will require a good amount of welding.  It does have a lot of strengths in that it has the original paint in a much loved color scheme, correct doors, decklid, doglegs, flat wheel wells, bullet turn signals, round taillights, small rear window, roof hatch, original 15 inch Bus wheels, correct slash cut bumpers, etc.  

The interior is rough and comes with just what you see in the pics. Details to note include the original plexiglas bread box, elephant trunk, the remains of the child's cot, curtain rod for cab, clam shell lights, uncut original dash with radio blockoff intact, and two original early sun visors as well.

Mechanically it will need a complete going through and currently does not run or drive.  It has been off the road for many years so it will need work in every mechanical department.  It has a early stale air 40hp engine that looks to possibly be the original, too.


Please note this early Westy is located in San Jose, California and the roof rack is not included in the sale.

Please visit my website at to see the full album of pics of this Bus, more interesting Vintage VW's, Classic Cars, Holy Grail Garage Gear, and Parts for sale.


Brendan Finn (858)366-2549

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