1960 UPS Swivel Seat Bus

Genuine 1960 UPS (United Parcel Service) Swivel Seat Panel Bus, Rare and Cool!

Here's a super cool, unique, and absolutely REAL DEAL Swivel Seat Panel Bus that was part of the UPS delivery fleet long ago!  It has a rich history, a great story, safari windows front and rear, and is quite possibly the only genuine UPS Volkswagen Bus existing in the world today!

The story is lengthy, so I will cover the highlights, although we are happy to share the greater details with the next owner, in order to maintain the colorful provenance of this very special Bus!

As the story goes, decades ago, a UPS worker from Chico, California, retired, and took this very UPS delivery Bus with him.  During the 1990's, the Bus was spotted sitting in his yard, hadn't driven in years, and it was finally purchased by a diehard Volkswagen Bus collector around 1996-1998.  He cleaned it up, revived it, slammed it on the ground, and it was his famous signature Bus for approximately the next 18 years.  It was a particularly famous Bus in the Pacific Northwest and many old school collectors, myself included, have recollections of stories, sightings, and rumors of the mere existence of this incredibly cool and unique Bus!  It has been off the radar for many years now, was bought by the current advanced Bus collector, who had plans to redo the mechanicals on the Bus, so he removed the engine, transaxle, sold them off to a friend, and now the Bus is a roller, no engine, needing full revival, and awakening from it's long slumber.

When the Bus was originally returned to the road back in the 1990's, it didn't take long before it was brought to the attention of UPS themselves, and a bit of a wild story came about.  One day, the owner of the Bus got off work, went out to the parking lot where he parked his Bus, and was greeted by the local police, who asked him if it was his Bus.  He explained that it was and that it was a genuine UPS delivery Bus that was retired from their fleet many years earlier.  A long story of UPS executives, lawyers, cease and desist letters, UPS employees with belt sanders to remove the logos showing up at the owner's house, UPS talking about buying the Bus in order to crush it, and a very reluctant and passionate owner who thankfully saved this Bus from harm's way!  During that roller coaster, UPS did confirm that this very Bus, indeed, was a former UPS delivery vehicle, matched their records, and the story of it all lines up!  The paperwork, unit number, and the original brass UPS key fob with the unit number stamped in it are all still with the Bus today!  As you can see, this is a rare opportunity to own such a cool and genuine Bus with such a globally recognized company history!

The body is generally in "good"shape although it has some issues in the normal spots including blisters in the rockers, some holes in the rockers that are covered by skateboard grip tape (the previous owner is a big skateboarder), some blistering above the rain gutters, soft spots and perforation in the front floor corners, and dents, dings, bonks, chips, and scrapes as you'd expect to see in a now 55 year old commercial fleet delivery vehicle.  The Bus was originally delivered in Dove Blue and was painted in the famous UPS "Pullman Brown" aka "What Can Brown Do For You?" Brown before it went into service over 5 decades ago!

The interior is very spartan, all business, and features a very rare factory Swivel Seat driver's seat (no passenger's seat from the factory!), and it is wearing the original grey pebble grain upholstery, although there is a split on one side.  The Dove Blue dash was stickered up with old skate stickers long ago, too.  The front floor corners have a bit of rust and long ago some ply wood panels were screwed over the soft spots.

Mechanically the Bus is a roller, has no engine, and will need a revival as it's been in storage for about a year now.  It was previously setup with a dropped front beam, straight axle transmission, and a nice 1600cc engine and was last driven approximately 1 year ago.  It was driven all over the Pacific Northwest with that configuration.

Overall this is one hell of a cool Bus, wow factor beyond any other Bus on the market, and a genuine legend within the Bus community.  A truly rare opportunity to get such a special and unique early Bus!  

PLEASE NOTE many of the ad pics are from a while back when the Bus was a full driver.  It does not have an engine currently so it is not a fully driving Bus currently.  Thanks!


Please note that this UPS Swivel Seat Bus is located in Central California.

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