SOLD!  1961 Crew Cab, Super Quality and Performance Truck and Magazine Cover Car!

1961 Crew Cab, Superb Quality and Performance Truck and Magazine Cover Car!

Here is what is without a doubt one of the nicest early Crew Cabs in the World!  The owner of this beautiful Truck had the goal of building the absolute best Crew Cab possible by adding some significant drivetrain upgrades to make it not just well built, but an equally impressive performer on the road.  It was a "no expense spared" build from the very beginning and the end result is nothing less than remarkable, yet subtle.  Since completion, this Crew Cab has attended a number of major Southern California events (usually with a group of people looking under the truck!), received awards at several including OCTO meets, and is a former HotVWs and Volksworld Type 2 feature and cover car!  The Truck was a one owner,  incredible survivor from the very beginning and remarkably required no welding or panel replacement.  Take a close look at all of the body panel gaps, door and gate alignment, replated original hardware, and the ultra high quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout.  This Truck was done right!

Some of the seemingly endless features include a potent 2.1 Liter Engine with fuel injection, IRS rear suspension, 4 wheel Porsche 944 disc brakes, ZF rack and pinion steering, genuine Porsche Gas Burner wheels,original to the vehicle (M207) hoops and canvas, European headlights, kilometer speedometer, numerous NOS parts, and beautiful unrestored 1956 commercial California license plates, and much more!

The body and paint are show quality with the body having been in phenomenal condition before the build started.  It was an incredibly dry, never been hit, straight, and rust free Truck from the beginning.  The experienced guys at ISP West who performed the work said they had simply never seen drier, straighter, or more beautiful original German sheet metal on an early Crew Cab.  That awesome base made the goal of building the best Crew Cab possible that much more attainable.  The paint is L345 Light Grey, a period correct color for early commercial models such as this.  The bed is flawless.  There are a very small handful of imperfections in the paint most notably some stone chips on the front and rear bumpers as well as a very small scratch on the top of one of the gates.  They would not be difficult to have touched up if that is desired.  The icepick doors, gates, slash bumpers, thick lipped doglegs, decklid, apron, mirror arms, wipers, etc. are original to the Truck as well.  Take a close look at the floors, gates, bed, and undercarriage and you will see that no shortcuts were taken and attention to detail is very evident in this build!

The interior is very nice and faithfully restored in the original style with commercial style plain grey seat upholstery by interior specialist Dave Lumetta, grey pressed board paneling, beautiful uncut dash, and correct restored steering wheel as well.  The mirrors, dome light, kilometer speedometer, handles, knobs, latches, horn button and gas guage are all NOS.  As you can see from the pics, it is exceptionally clean, unmodified, and well-done.

Mechanically this early Crew Cab is positively reliable with a potent 2.1 Liter (based on a new from 1991, AS21 case) engine featuring a high performance fuel injection system, alternator, performance custom made exhaust system from A-1, and functioning heat!  The rear is an IRS setup and a fully custom rack and pinion steering setup was engineered up front, on a late ball joint beam.  Stopping power comes via four wheel Porsche 944 discs.  Great care was taken to not modify any of the original German sheet metal on this Truck and a close look at the IRS and rack and pinion brackets demonstrates the mature respect for the gem that this Crew Cab is.  It's engineered with plenty of power,  superior braking, and upgraded handling, too. 

This is an excellent opportunity to own a incredibly nice early Crew Cab at substantial savings compared to the cost to build not to mention the daunting task of landing the virgin base car alone!  Thanks!


* Seriously interested parties can contact me for additional information regarding the remarkable known Southern California history of this Crew Cab, further build specs, and mechanical details as well.  It really is incredible and too much to list here!

Please visit my website at to see the full album of pics of this Crew Cab, more interesting Vintage VWs, Classic Cars, and Parts for sale.

Please note that this Truck is located in the Irwindale, California area.

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