1961 Single Cab OG Paint

1961 Single Cab, Original Dove Blue Paint, Clean California Farm Truck!

Here's one for those of you patina lovers, like me!  This early Single Cab has a super cool genuine fade and and a great look for those who enjoy a survivor that has not been abused like most!

Some of the many features include mostly original Dove Blue paint, rebuilt big bore stale air 40hp engine with a bigger cam, rebuilt reduction box trans from Rancho, 12 volt conversion, new Firestone bias ply tires, grey commercial hubcaps, a faded California Farm Bureau logo on the nose, 1956 California yellow license plates, and approximately 4100 miles on the running gear since it was rebuilt/refreshed.

The body is mostly original Dove Blue paint, is impressively straight, and had just a small amount of rust before it was welded and blended as needed.  The inner rockers have been repaired, not perfectly, but look plenty nice if you intend to drive and enjoy the Truck rather than worry about a perfect repair.  The floors are very solid, mostly original paint, and have some grey POR15 rust preventative paint where the original paint wore off over the years.  There are a couple holes in the bottom of one of the side gates but I personally wouldn't bother to worry about it, just as the previous owners have chosen, too.  The icepick doors, thick lipped doglegs, flat wheel wells, outie vents, round taillights, and slash cut bumpers are all correct for the Truck as well.  Other details to note include the correct black commercial wipers, round mirrors, and the desirable dual treasure chest doors!

The interior has been refreshed and is faithful to the original commercial design.  Details to note include the excellent original paint Dove Blue dash, the grey humpback seat upholstery as original, the very nice new grey commercial panels, original black rubber floor mat, and the steering column, steering wheel, e brake, and shifter were all repainted during the mechanical rebuild as well.

Mechanically the Truck had the stale air 40hp engine, transaxle, brakes, and suspension rebuilt/refinished approximately 4100 miles/7 years ago.  It has a bit more pep to it via a big bore kit on the 40hp engine, a larger cam than stock, and the electrical was converted to 12 volts for brighter lights and quicker and more reliable starting as well.  Other details include a new starter and a Optima gel cell battery as well.  The stock 15 inch Bus wheels were resprayed, a new set of Firestone 6.40-15 bias ply tires mounted, and they are topped with grey Commercial hubcaps, too.  All of the electrical works properly with the exception of the horn, which has not been looked into.  There is a huge stack of receipts that show that a great deal of money and time were spent on making this cool Truck drive as good as it looks.  I have a short video of the Truck starting up, idling nicely, wipers working, headlights, taillights, and blinkers all working, too.  Thanks!

Somebody is going to get a very cool early Truck!


Please note this 1961 is located in Menifee, California.

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