1961 Westy SO23 & Boat!

1961 Westfalia SO23 Camper Bus with Mega Rare Original Vacation Waterfarer Boat!

Here's a truly rare combo of an absolutely exceptional and low mileage early Westfalia Camper and an extremely cool and desirable period accessory fiberglass boat that was built to comfortably fit right on the roof of an early VW Bus!  The ultimate outdoorsman's setup; beautiful and practical accommodations in the Camper, and the fisherman's dream in the lightweight boat!  This setup is the epitome of Vintage Westfalia adventure!

The Westfalia was purchased from the nephew of the original owner back on November 27th, 1987 by the current advanced Bus collector owner.  He drove the Bus home, parked it, it sat indoors patiently awaiting its turn for refreshing, and the debut took place 26 years later in 2013.  It was a very clean and impressively original Bus prior to the repaint and features one of the nicest original SO23 interiors we've ever seen.  

Some of the many desirable features to note include the approximately 65,000 original miles, stellar original tent with poles, bags, stakes, child's cot, Ender's stove, original toilet, phenomenal original plexiglas breadbox, NOS and rare Volkswagen Of America cab-door-actuated side steps, nice reproduction Mauser bowl, phenomenal original interior including the paint, humpback seat in incredible original upholstery, grey pressed board panels that are among the nicest I've laid eyes on, unbelievably nice original plaid seat cushions which have some very small repairs and mouse holes on the ends where they can't be seen when installed, original sisal mats, original rear marble matting, just a first rate preservationist approach as best as possible after its 55 years of life!  Even the original dealer order form and list of chosen Westfalia options are both still with the Bus and included!

The icing on the cake of this combination is the mega rare original "Vacation Waterfarer" boat which were built by a company in Poway, California back in the 1960's and were specifically built to fit on the roof of early Volkswagen Buses.  They were a lightweight yet sturdy design and could comfortably be mounted and dismounted by 2 people.  We are only aware of 3 original boats existing today and this one has a particular bit of cool story to it in that it was purchased in the late 1980's from the son of the gentleman who built the originals back in the 1960's!  The owner was so focused on restoring the boat correctly that he actually flew a boat manufacturer who was familiar with the Vacation Waterfarer to his home in New York to assist in verifying the details to get it just right!  An appropriate and running 3hp outboard motor will be included if the whole package is purchased together.

The body has been professionally refinished on the exterior in the factory colors of Sealing Wax Red and Light Beige Grey.  The paint was done by Josh Hibbler of Rusthaven in Pennsylvania and the approach was to replicate the factory finish rather than overrestore it as many Buses are these days.  The body was in very nice condition prior to the respray and only required a minimal amount of welding down low including the inner and outer rockers, jackpoints, outriggers, and some small repairs on the cargo floor.  All but the driver's side rocker were expertly handcrafted rather than simply purchased from the usual suppliers.  The goal was to make this Bus as nice as possible, even on the underside, with quality being the utmost concern.  It has very clearly achieved that goal in that it has received multiple "First In Class" and "Best Of Show" awards at the events it has attended!

The interior is a major strength and testimony to the gentle life this Westfalia has led over the past 6 decades.  It's as original as they come, simply stunning, and you'd be very hard pressed to find another as clean and original as this one is.  The approach was to preserve and maintain originality rather than simply replace with new.  If you're restoring one of these SO23's, this one would be a good example to study to see just how the interiors looked.

Mechanically the Bus has been fully refreshed, was built for comfort and reliability, and runs and drives as a new Bus.  It features a 1641cc engine with dual Kadron carbs, a set of vintage Sig Erson high ratio rocker arms, Vintage Speed exhaust, a rebuilt reduction box transaxle with freeway flier gearing, 15 inch radial tires, and 12 volt electrics, too.  It has approximately 1500 miles on it since completion which have mainly been too and from events where it's taken awards!

Here's your chance to own one of the nicest SO23 Westfalia Camper Buses you'll ever have the opportunity to purchase.  Thanks!


Please note that this awesome combo of Bus and Boat are located in Barker, New York.

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