1961 Westy SO34 Flipseat

1961 Westfalia SO34 Hatch Top Flip Seat Camper Bus, Very Clean, Show Winner!
This very presentable 1961 SO34 Westfalia Camper is not only nice looking but it is a great driver and multiple show winner, too.  The owner purchased it back in 1990 and spent the following 5 years resurrecting it to the condition you see here.  By 1995 it was completed and started to amass quite a collection of trophies and awards at the many shows he drove it to.  

Some of the cool features of this Camper include the original Westfalia Wood Slat Roof Rack, the accessory Folding Ladder, a very clean rebuilt Stale Air 40hp Engine, Bullet Turn Signals, Early Round Taillights, accessory Cargo Door Step, working Sapphire I Radio, the Flip Front Seat, Colorado Collector Series License Plates, and more.

The body is clean and and presentable enough to have earned this Westy more than its fair share of awards over the last 17 years.  The owner chose to paint it in a later original Volkswagen color of Neptune Blue.  All of the doors, decklid, apron, doglegs, wheel wells, and bumpers are correct for the Bus, too.  The front floor is very clean and has a small metal patch on the driver's side.  There are some similar patches on the cargo floor and underneath the flipseat mounts as well and as you can see from the underside pics, the Bus is very clean down below as well. 
The interior has been completely refreshed with new plaid seat upholstery, new curtains, new paint, new wood paneling, and new white Formica laminant on the rear cabinets, too.  The work is very nice and the Camper really looks great inside.  Other details to note include the restored steering wheel, period appropriate and working Sapphire I in dash radio, early Deluxe style coat hooks, and the dealer optioned aluminum dash grab handle as well. 
Mechanically this Camper is very stock and includes a very sterile and period correct Stale Air 40hp 1200cc Engine, a rebuilt stock fully synchronized reduction box transaxle, and the electrical system has been converted to 12 volts for added reliability and brighter lights, too.  It runs and drives very well and has made several 300+ mile trips to attend car shows all over Colorado, Arizona, and other surrounding areas, too.  The transaxle was rebuilt not many miles ago and works well but it has been popping out of 1st gear at very low speeds since it was installed some years back.  The owner simply holds it in 1st until he reaches approximately 3 miles per hour and then it works nicely.  It is believed that an adjustment in the shift fork is possibly to blame but it has not kept him from enjoying the Camper just as it is for many years.  Additionally there are a full set of KYB Gas Shocks at all corners and a Bilstein Gas Steering Dampner on the front end, too.  The tires are radials with good tread and are mounted on stock 15 inch Bus wheels and topped with chromed hubcaps.  The owner is very proud of his Bus and has kept great care and serviced it accordingly throughout his 22 years of ownership.  Thanks!


Please note that this early Westfalia is located in Grand Junction, Colorado and there is no tent with it.
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