1962 23 Window Deluxe!

1962 23 Window Deluxe Sunroof Microbus, Restored Award Winner!

This beautiful and genuine 1962 23 Window has been in the hands of this advanced Bus collector family for the last 25 years.  It started as a remarkably dry and solid example that was discovered in Southern California back in 1993.  It was faithfully restored a handful of years back and has won several awards at the Texas Volkswagen Classic shows it has attended since completion.  

It comes with the Birth Certificate from Volkswagen that confirms it as an original Sealing Wax Red and Light Beige Grey 23 Window Deluxe Sunroof Microbus that was produced on September 11, 1961, making it a 1962 model year Bus.  Additionally a handful of old photographs of the Bus prior to the restoration will show how dry and good of a base it was from the start.  Keep in mind that there was a much better supply of solid 23 Window Buses available 25 years ago as opposed to these days!

Important details and features to note include:

*Original Safari Windows

*Ambulance Fan

*All Correct Seats including the 1962-1963 Middle with the thin rubber grab bars

*Correct 1962 Stale Air 1200cc 40hp Engine, very accurately dressed

*NOS Round Side Mirrors

*Original Sigla laminated glass

The approach was to restore the Bus faithfully, without adding non-original features, and using as many original German parts as possible in the process.  A keen eye will see that this isn't a Bus that skips loads of details and takes the easy route with cheap reproduction parts at every turn.  The family respects original German Buses and that is apparent in this 23 Window.

The body is nice, beautifully refinished in the original colors of Sealing Wax Red and Light Beige Grey, and it has remarkably nice original floors, too.  Details to note include having all the correct doors, church key decklid, early apron, thick lipped doglegs, flat wheel wells, outie vents, and correct slash cut bumpers with original Deluxe trim on them, too.  The Deluxe aluminum body trim and the end caps on the Bus are the original set and were all polished to a nice shine.  The approach here was to respect the original German Bus so overdoing it was out of the question.  A peek beneath the Bus shows a nicely detailed chassis with clean paint, a detailed beam, transaxle, suspension, and original belly pans, too.

The interior is very nice, faithfully restored in the correct Basalt Grey, and features include the mohair headliner, correct seats including the thin grab handle middle and humpback front bench, original and rare dash and bulkhead grab handles, original coat hooks, original Deluxe rear luggage bar, original jail bars, original Ambulance fans, original arm rests, correct and original door handles, Deluxe dash clock, original Sapphire radio, the list goes on.

Mechanically the Bus is very faithful to the original design with a 1962 1200cc Stale Air 40hp Engine, stock reduction box transaxle, stock suspension, stock drum brakes, stock 6 volt electrical system, and it's riding on a brand new set of Firestone 6.40-15 bias ply tires that most closely resemble the original Continentals that the Bus left the factory with.  The original German hubcaps were restored, rechromed, and had the logos repainted using the same method as the factory used back in the day.  A video of the engine starting and running can be emailed along to serious buyers as well as a link to a music video that featured the Bus.

This one is well above average and particularly suits those who enjoy stock and original German components.  If you'd prefer a Bus without extensive surgery and metal replacement, a respect for original German parts versus inferior Chinese reproductions, and not being grossly overrestored with loads of skims of blocked out filler all over it, this is a Bus to consider.  Thanks!


Please note that this nice 23 Window is located in San Antonio, Texas.

Please visit my website to see the extensive album of pics of this Bus, more interesting Vintage VW's, Classic Cars, and Parts for sale.

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